Best Samoan Names for Your Baby in 2022

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Last Updated: 09 June 2022

The Pacific Islands in the Pacific Ocean covers over 20,000 islands. These are classified by Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia. Their rich and enchanting culture is attracting a lot of western parents to consider Pacific Islander names for their kids. Hence why Samoan first names are becoming extremely popular.

And that’s not surprising! Much like it is with French, Spanish, Russian and so many other – Samoan names reflect the richness of their culture and tradition. And having a name that is close to nature and that reflects a rich cultural heritage can have a great effect on your child’s personality and the way people perceive them. In fact, the Dorian Gray effect suggests how internal factors of every person can affect the physicality and temperament of a person. For instance, names that mean the earth will develop the owner of the name into someone giving, loving and generous.

Samoan names and meanings are not only cool but also sound mystic. And we need not tell you that it is extremely difficult for names to be cool and mystical at the same time. Thus if you are a parent to be and looking for names for your baby, maybe you should consider some of the cool Samoan names.

Best Samoan Names for a Boy

Many parents these days are considering Samoan boy names for their baby boy instead of regular western ones due to the unique, foreign touch it comes with. Thus, when you’re looking for a good exotic boy name, consider these options!

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Akamu Hawaiian alternative for Adam Hawaiian ***
Fetu God of the night Samoan ****
Kale Man Samoan ****
Kimo Supplanter Samoan ****
Lagi Heaven Polynesian ****
Maleko Warlike Samoan *****
Tamati Twin Samoan ****
Wiremu With gilded helmet Samoan ****
Hohepa He will add Samoan ****
Akoni Priceless one Polynesian *****

Best Samoan Names for a Girl

There are also plenty of gorgeous Samoan girl names for your little princess!

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Aroha Love Samoan *****
Haukea White snow Hawaiian ****
Huhana Lily flower Samoan ****
Kailani Ocean sky Hawaiian ***
Lani Heaven, majesty, royal, sky Hawaiian ****
Maata Lady Samoan ****
Maeva Welcome Tahitian *****
Luni June Samoan ****
Lupesina Dove and silver Samoan *****
Mataalii Pleiades constellation Samoan ****

Best Unisex Samoan names

There are also many good unisex Samoan baby names, for instance:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Kaipo Sweetheart Hawaiian *****
Kapua The flower and the child Hawaiian *****
Manaia Mythological creature of Polynesian native tradition that has a human’s body and bird’s head Polynesian ****
Kaenu The cool breeze Hawaiian *****
Lei Flower and child Hawaiian *****
Leilani Royal child of the blessed womb and heavenly flowers Hawaiian ***
Enele Wisdom Samoan ***
Kaimana Power of the ocean Hawaiian ***
Kawehi The adornment Hawaiian ****
Kahurangi Sky blue Samoan ****

Tips to Choose the Right Name for Your Baby

  • Write down Samoan name meanings you like the most or just the ones that sound very good to you. And then, slowly narrow down your options
  • Take your time to decide upon the final name. After all, your little one will carry it for a long time!
  • Try to involve your partner, friends, and family: listen to their recommendations and ask whether the Samoan baby name you consider sounds good.
  • Read the name out loud and see if it goes well with the last and middle name.
  • Do not focus only on sound but also pay attention to Samoan name meanings, it will help you pick the best option for your bundle of joy!

Final Words

It is often said that the name one carries affects the personality of the carrier. Hence when you want to choose a good option among so many Samoan first names, think of what meaning you would love for it to have? Want your baby son to be seen as brave and strong? Then consider some Samoan warrior names! Wish your kiddo to feel a connection to mother Earth? Then go with some Samoan baby names that reflect some part of nature, like the sky or the sea.

All and all, there are so many options out there, and we sincerely hope that our little guide will make your search for the Polynesian names a bit easier!

So, which of these Samoan boy names do you like the most? 🤔

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