Names that Mean Earth: Top Picks for Your Baby in 2022

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Last Updated: 09 June 2022

Parenting can be challenging, and naming your child is one of the most important decisions of your and their life. Your child must carry the name all his life, and thus choosing the right name becomes extremely important. Most of the time, parents choose a name with a special meaning, like a name in honor of gods or their favorite character from a movie/novel. It’s also common for parents to choose some nature-related names starts, seasons, and months-related or even plant names for boys and girls are quite common in babies of nature-loving parents.

And oftentimes, people giving their little ones names that mean earth – either in honor of the Blue Marble we live on or in honor of the soil that gives us life.

So today, we’ll be looking at some of the prettiest and unique boy and girl names meaning earth so that you could have an easier time finding a perfect name for your little munchkin!

Why Choose a Name That Means Earth?

Some social scientists even suggest that names determine some part of a person’s personality and how he appears and behaves. Simply put – people subconsciously can act according to their name and how they’re perceived. For instance, those named after a certain God, let’s say, Athena, may act accordingly to it – in this case, be more wise and protective.

Thus children having names that mean earth will more likely reflect some traits we associate with the earth – generousness, kindness, and strength. It gives a feeling of solidity and stability to the name bearer.

Besides that, it is a great way to show respect to mother nature. And with the recent ecological situation, teaching children of care and love towards our planet is among the most important things. And kiddos with earth names may feel closely connected to nature and do something worthwhile in saving it.

Earthy names have a very distinct ring to them. They are mysterious yet kind and have a tinge of a timeless feel. Thus, if you’re also contemplating shortlisting names related to earth for your little one, we would be happy to share some options.

Earth Names for Boys

The following list of earth boy names will help you choose the right name for your little prince.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Adam Of the red earth Hebrew *****
Aaron High mountain Hebrew ****
Bardo Son of the earth Danish ***
Atlas The Titan who bore the Earth on his shoulders Greek ****
Brandon Brown hill English *****
Lambert Land and bright German *****
Oliver Nature lover Latin *****
Pierce Rock Welsh ****
Vermont Green mountain French *****
Zion The promised holy land Hebrew ***

Earth Names for Girls

If you are looking for girl names that mean earth, take a look at these:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Aurora Dawn Latin *****
Rochelle Little rock French *****
Mahi Earth goddess/ fish Indian *****
Meadow Field of grass Old English ****
Petra Rock Greek ****
Sapphire A bluestone Hebrew *****
Sienna Red earth Italian ****
Sierra Mountain Spanish ****
Gaia Earth Mother Greek ***
Flora Flower Latin *****

Unisex Names Meaning Earth

After exploring boy and girl names meaning earth or nature, let us look at the unisex earth-related names. It can be used for a boy as well as a girl. So if you still haven’t found out the sex of your baby and want to keep some names handy, this is your list.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Brier Nature French ****
Eben Stone Hebrew ****
Bryn Hill Welsh ****
Miran Peace, world Slovene *****
Juniper Evergreen Latin ****
Yuri Earth worker Russian *****

Tips to Choose a Good Name for Your Child

The first step is to decide what kind of name you want to give your child. Whether it should have a particular meaning or are you open to suggestions, whether you want, you must consider a particular origin, etc. Suppose your want the name to mean earth but looking for one that is of Japanese origin, you can consider Japanese names meaning earth, such as Daicihi. And if you look for something less specific, let’s say, soft boy names – then you can consider names that sound soothing, such as Gabriel or Ethan.

Middle names are unnecessary, but they would be a great addition to your kiddo’s earthy name (or whichever you choose).

Always consider the initials. They must not spell something ridiculous or offensive.

Before deciding on the final name, say it out loud and listen to how well it sounds with the middle and last name.

It is good to look for uncommon names but try to stay away from outright weird ones.

names that mean earth

Final Words

Parenting is a beautiful journey of decisions, and naming your kid is one of the most important and among the firsts you must make. Thus, we sincerelly hope that our little research and list will help you find the perfect one among many names that mean earth!

So, do you know any good boy or girl names that mean earth? Then feel free to share them in the comments! Perhaps you can find someone to find a perfect option for their little one!

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