Baby Names Meaning Ghost: An Ultimate List

Baby Names Meaning Ghost: An Ultimate List
Last Updated: 04 August 2021

When you decide to become a parent you are entering a remarkably exciting and joyful period of your life! Indeed, too many people talk about the wonders of pregnancy and parenting. Nevertheless, this period also comes with a lot of questions, doesn’t it? You have to think and plan various things such as feeding, sleeping, clothes, diapers, bed, etc. Among plenty of things you need to prepare in a way is also a baby’s name.

Our best friends struggled to find a name for their daughter. We were all sending our ideas, but they dismissed everything and kept insisting on finding a unique, yet potent name. “We want a memorable name!” they were saying. So when the baby arrived, and they still didn’t find a name they both like, we understood that we need to get more serious with our suggestions. Otherwise, they will keep calling her “sweetie” or “honey”. “What about one of the names meaning ghost?”, we told them one day over the phone. “It sounds very mysterious and rather interesting”.

We informed them that we found all sorts of ghostly names from all over the world! Of course, they were immediately thrilled by the idea. It is little to say it took them less than a day to choose a name Ariel – inspired by the spirit from the Shakespearean play The Tempest!

So now that we have so many beautiful names meaning ghost, we wish to share some of our favorite ones with you, so that you would consider whether these ghostly names are something that would be perfect for your kiddo!

Why Parents Choose Unusual Names For Their Children?

Why Parents Choose Unusual Names For Their Children

Our friends are not the only parents who had difficulties finding a good name for their child. Many people agonize over this serious business, especially because they have only one shot. In the past, this was maybe a bit simpler because parents were mainly following trends and they were choosing one that they liked the most. Hence, if you think about it you will remember that you knew at least two Jacobs or three Annas, growing up since these are some of the most popular baby names in the USA. Today, things are much more complicated because people want something unique: names meaning trickster or gemstone, related to gods, novels, movies – you name it.

Now why parents choose ghost-related names? Or any other unique ones for that matter? Is it only about fashion trends, or there is something more to it?! One of the answers can be that we live in more individualistic cultures, especially on the occident. Hence, this can be interpreted as a shift towards individualism. Apart from that, there is also the tendency to pick gender-neutral names. Finally, there is also the question of wealth affecting the name choice. It turns out that people of higher socioeconomic status choose more unusual names, such as ghost names for their kids.

Names That Mean Ghost

Plenty of names are unusual in one or another way. If two white French people name their kid after a poet from India it will certainly be unique. But some people are guided by the idea of finding a true one-of-a-kind name. In case you are that much of an adventurer, you may be curious to pick one of the names meaning ghost for your kid. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the name will sound scary or dark. It just means that it will be fantastic and you pretty much have the guarantee that there won’t be other kids with that name around.

Boys Names

  • Angus is a name given to boys. It is a Scottish Gaelic ghost name that means strength.
  • Cade is a Welsh name that means ghost. It is considered a potent name in different religions. There is another variant – Caden.
  • Egon is a variant of a male name Eugene. It is given in Germany, Czech Republic, etc. It is a ghost name, and it means that someone is strong and carries the sword.

Girls Names

  • Keres is a truly unusual name. It comes from Greek mythology, and it means the ghost. While in mythology, Keres is represented as the ghost or spirit of doom and death, this is still a very unique and mystical name.
  • Spyridoula is another one of the girl names that mean ghost. It is a female version of the name Spyridon.
  • Tien is a Vietnamese girl’s name that also means ghost.

Names That Mean Spirit

There are other ways to make your kid’s name unique, besides choosing names meaning ghost. In the past, people believed in good and evil spirits, and they were naming their kids after them. These names are becoming again popular although they are not related to people being superstitious.

Boys Names

  • Gogo is a name often found in the Basque country. It means spirit.
  • Hototo is a trending name, and it is easy to pronounce. It is a Native American name, and it means warrior spirit who sings.
  • Huchon is an English variation of the French name Hugon. It means spirit. However, it can also mean heart or mind.
  • Damian is another ghost name that sounds very mysterious but beautiful.

Girls Names

  • Hehewuti is a Native American name for girls. It is one of the good ghost names because it represents the warrior mother spirit.
  • Shekinah is a Hebrew name that means god’s Holy Spirit.
  • Aza is an Arabic spirit name. It also means comfort.
  • The name Dove is mostly associated with a bird, however, it also has a religious meaning, since doves represent the Holy Spirit.

Names That Mean Soul

Names That Mean Sou

Among the extraordinary names, you can also find those that mean soul. In old cultures, it usually meant that someone with that name is good-natured. However, you can also choose it to represent your love for your child, as if it’s a part of your soul.

Boys Names

  • Dushan is a Slavic name that means soul. It is popular in republics of former Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, etc.
  • Hansroop is a Sikh name. It means pure body/soul.
  • Nurzhan is a name that originated in Kazakhstan. It means light soul.

Girls Names

  • Banafrit comes from Egypt. It is a girls’ name, and it means beautiful soul.
  • Muhjah is an Arabic name. It is very popular among Muslims, and it means heart’s blood. It also means soul.
  • Mania is a name that has Latin origins. It means mother of souls.
  • Alma is a very pretty name of Latin origin that means “soul”.

Names That Mean Phantom

Phantom is, as you know, similar to a ghost. There we are going to see some other ghost names and meanings here. The funny thing is that there are more girls than boy’s names that mean phantom.

Boys Names

  • Drogo is a name that comes from several Slavic languages. In these languages, dorogo means dear. But there is also Anglo Saxon word drog which means phantom.
  • While the name Erik means “sole ruler”, it would be a pretty good name if you are a big fan of music and/or The Phantom of the Opera play.

Girls Names

  • Genevieve or Guinevra are French names, and they mean white phantom. Similar to them is the Greek name Genevra which has the same meaning.
  • Morrigan is an old Irish name. It means phantom queen.


With that said, we hope that these names meaning ghost, spirit, or soul will help you consider which would be perfect for your little angel! So whether you already brought your son or daughter to the world or considering some baby reveal ideas and think of what name you want to formally announce to everyone, we wish you all the best!

So is a ghost the name you consider, or are there any other names related to certain things you consider? Feel free to share your favorite names in the comments below, so that everyone would have an easier time choosing a perfect name for their munchkin and consider alternatives!

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