Best Plant Names for Boys in 2022

Best Plant Names for Boys in 2022
Last Updated: 09 June 2022

So, you just learned that you are pregnant and you are excited about it?! Congratulations! Now, as you deliver happy news, you are probably getting loads of advice. Everyone from mothers to neighbors and relatives you didn’t see in about a year feels invited to lecture you about what you should or shouldn’t do! Sounds familiar?

Indeed, pregnancy and childbirth are as stressful as they are exciting. Plenty of things are changing, start from you, and you have to take care of all of that. Besides all other things that you need to worry about, there is something that rarely someone talks about. What are you going to name your child?

Many people think picking a child’s name is easy peasy! It will come to you once the little one is born! But it’s not like that, at all! In the first months of pregnancy, we were calling our baby boy bean, bump, little one, etc., and we thought that we will figure out the name when the time comes. Months later, we were busy with our jobs and preparations for the baby, and before we knew it, I was ten days away from my due date. And we still didn’t have the name!

Naming a whole new living being is a serious business, you have to admit. The name you give to your child remains for his or her entire life, so you have to be careful. Okay, you can say that if a kid hates their name, they can change it later in life. Indeed, it is possible to do it, but it is a rather complicated process! And even if it wasn’t, the kid couldn’t change it until they are legally adults.

We realized that we have procrastinated long enough and that its time to get serious and pick a name for our beautiful baby boy. So we began to search in magazines, online, books, etc. We tried to remember some cool names from our favorite movies and books. But everything we came up with sounded boring, old-fashioned, usual, etc. We wanted something potent, but curious, at the same time, for our son. And certainly, we didn’t want it to be a name that every third boy in the neighborhood will also have. “What do you think about names that mean plant?” my partner once said. “Plant?!” Are you serious?” “Yeah,” he said, “Look, I was reading this article, and it looks like there are plenty of masculine plant names that sound cool!”

So, I asked him to read the names out loud to hear how each of them sounds. After several days of thinking and a thorough elimination process, we chose the name Elwood. It comes from the Old English word for elder tree wood. We are big fans of J.K Rowling. So naturally, we associated this name with the Elder wand, the most powerful wand in the world.

Why Consider a Plant Name for Boy

Why Consider a Plant Name for Boy

We can’t tell you that there is a specific reason to choose boy plant names! It’s your decision whether you will do it or not. But if not, then maybe you should ask yourself, “Why not?!” “But it is weird to name your child after a plant!” Oh, is that so? Well, if you look around you will discover that you know women or girls who are called Rose, Daisy, or Violet! We are right, aren’t we? So what is the problem? You see, the thing is that it is not weird to name a child after a plant! However, many people think that these are feminine names, thus, they should be reserved for girls. We have news for you! First, this is a total misconception. Second, don’t you think it is about time to leave these patriarchal stereotypes behind us, considering we are living in the 21st century?

Looking at botanical names for boy, you will see that there are various options. Some are plant names like Poppy! But you can use also names from other languages. For example, Asciano sounds cool, doesn’t it? Or, for example, Fiorello! First comes from Spain, and it means cornflower in Spanish. The second one is Italian, and it means little flower. You can choose occupational names as well, such as Gardener.

Whatever is your preference, we are sure that there are some botanical names for a boy that will suit you and your little one.

Plant-Based Names for Boys

Plant-Based Names for Boys
  • Rowan: The name Rowan is of Irish and Scottish origin. It comes from a small tree called Rowan or mountain ashes. You can often see it in parks and gardens. In the wild, you can find it in wildlife areas. Now, some people might claim this is not a really good option between other plant names for boys, since a girl’s name. But that is not the case at all: many people are using it for both sexes. We all know Rowan Atkinson, don’t we?
  • Oliver: Oliver comes from Latin languages, and its meaning refers to the olive tree. Oliver is derived from the French name Olivier which is a variation of the Germanic name After. Oliver became super popular in medieval England because of a character named Olivier in the French poem La Chanson de Roland or The Song of Roland. And nowadays, this is one of the most popular USA baby names.
  • Willoughby: It is one of the English male plant names, and it means farm near the willows. It is quite a unique name, and it became popular lately. The short version of this name is Will. Ever heard of someone called Willoughby? Think again! There was a famous English actor Willoughby Gray. Also, have you heard about American artist and curator, Willoughby Sharp?
  • Ash: It is a shorter version of Asher. It is an English name for boys that comes after an ash tree, pretty great if you need a botanical baby boy names that also sounds pretty cool. According to the Old Testament, Asher was one of Jacob’s sons. Hence this name is very common in Jewish communities. In Hebrew, Ash means happy. Your boy will like this name because it is the name of one character from the Pokemon series.
  • Lennox: Lennox is a boy’s name with Scottish and Gaelic origins. It is pronounced Len – is. The meaning of Lennox is with many elm trees. Originally, Lennox was the last name of Scottish aristocrats. It came to the center of attention because of Lennox Claudius Lewis, a famous British boxer. It is also popular because of Annie Lennox, the frontwoman of the band Eurythmics.
  • Arvid: A boy’s name of Scandinavian origin, and it signifies an eagle tree. This name is very popular in Sweden and Norway. It seems that parents in English-speaking countries began to name their sons Arvid. However, it is still pretty uncommon, so if you opt for it, you can be sure that your boy will have a unique and exciting name.
  • Rehan: If you are looking for herb names for boy, then Rehan might be the perfect one for your little one. This name has Armenian origins. It is common in Muslim countries and is mentioned in Koran. It means “scented”. Rehan is also a word for Holy basil, which we know as a culinary and medicinal herb.
  • Alder: It is an ornamental shade tree and a wonderful name for a boy. It comes from Irish Celtic mythology. It signified the balance because it produces both male and female flowers on the same branch. The name is rarely used these days. Hence if you want to give your son a really rare and unique name, this can be your pick.
  • Basil: If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, then you must have heard about Basil Rathbone! It comes from the Greek Vassilios. In Arabic, the Basil (Basel) means fearless.
  • Coleus: It is a more modern version of Cole or Julius. It comes from an ornamental plant that is famous for its foliage. It is a rare name. However, it is slowly becoming popular among passionate gardeners.
  • Elm: Variations of this name, such as Elmo, are starting to become more popular. In many countries, people associate it with life and wisdom. The tree itself symbolizes peace and unity. In the U.S., it is still quite rare, but it can be a good choice for parents who want their kids to be unique. Another version of this name is Elmer.
  • Hawthorne: Hawthorne is a pretty powerful name. It originates from a thorny shrub with attractive berries and flowers. The name means “where hawthorn trees grow.” The short versions of this name are Thor, Thorne, and Hawk.


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Here we are at the end of our text about plant names for boys! Did you have fun? If you research, you will notice that there are more plant names for girls than for boys. When it comes to male children, people think they should look for something more masculine, like names meaning ghosts, greek gods, or other fantasy-related names. However, as you can see, there are plenty of plant names that can be masculine enough! Besides, why we wouldn’t challenge the stereotypes a bit after all?

So, what names are you considering for your baby boy? Feel free to share your options in the comments! Perhaps the name you do not really like that much would be perfect for someone else!

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