Best Middle Names for Your Ava Daughter

Best Middle Names for Your Ava Daughter
Last Updated: 07 April 2022

Finding the perfect middle name for Ava or for any other baby name is certainly not easy. There is so much love, thought and consideration that goes into finding a perfect name for your precious little cherub. And seeing how this is such a responsible and important decision, you need to ensure that you find only the perfect option.

Thus, we’ve decided to give you a hand, and find some great middle names that go with Ava that might be a perfect option for your baby girl.

The Importance of Picking a Middle Name

The Importance of Picking a Middle Name

Many parents decide to choose first and middle name right after they find out the sex of the baby. But is it really important to choose a middle name? Well, not legally, at least. Many people simply choose it because of several reasons such as:

  • Tradition: Several families have the tradition of keeping a middle name.
  • Honor: Sometimes a middle name is a good way to honor a family member, or just someone very close/special to you.
  • Uniqueness: Parents always want their kiddo to stand out among peers. So giving them a middle name is a great way to make an even pretty common name more unique and personal.
  • Status: Remember how so many nobles of the past (and even present) had so many middle names? While they were mostly given to honor family members, subconsciously people will always associate someone with a middle name as a person of status. Even experts agree on this.

The Meaning and Origin of Ava

Before finding a pretty middle name for Ava, let’s first know some about its meaning.

The name ‘Ava’ has a Latin origin, meaning ‘to live’, or ‘blooming’. It can also denote a bird, island, or water. The root comes from the Germanic word ‘Aval’ which means ‘power’.

Different Ways to spell Ava

You can spell Ava in several ways:

  • Ahva
  • Ayva
  • Aivah
  • Avah

Nice Nicknames for Ava

While you are looking for a unique middle name for Ava, you must be thinking of a nickname for Ava as well. Well, there are actually plenty of options:

  • Aves
  • Ave
  • Avie
  • Av
  • Nice Nicknames for Ava
  • Avy
  • Aves
  • Avia
  • Aviah
  • Avlyn
  • Ava-Bean
  • Vava
  • Avy Wavy
  • Ava Wava
  • Avalene
  • Avielene
  • Avalee

How to Choose a Perfect Middle Name for Ava?

When you’re looking for middle names that go with Ava, the most important thing to consider is how well it would sound with the fist and last name. Moreover, it would be great to have a middle name with a special meaning – perhaps it’s a place you love (Siena, or Alexandria, let’s say) or you love a specific character from a story (like Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Jane from Jane Eyre).

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some good middle names for Ava, and see if any would be a good option for your little one:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Elizabeth God is my oath Hebrew *****
Lucille Derived from the Latin word ‘Lucilla’ meaning light. French ***
Meredith Great Lord Welsh **
Cheyenne A member of the native American people Canadian French ****
Harmony Musical combination of chords English ****
Paige Young servant ***
Meryl Shining Sea English ***
Felicity Hope English/ Latin **
Stephanie Crown Greek ****
Catherine Pure Greek **
Primrose First Rose English ***

While one of the above names would be perfect as Ava middle name, they would sound equally adorable if chosen as a middle name for Brielle or for that matter, any other name for girls.

middle names for ava


Your baby girl is a piece of your heart. Essentially, her name has to be the one that makes your heart brimm every time you call her by that name. No one can say what middle name goes with Ava better than you. So just listen to how the name sounds, what initials it makes, and just whether you feel like it’s a good and pretty middle name for Ava. Remember, the name you chose for your child is your first blessing for her. So do it with all your love!

With that said, hope that our little article was helpful! So, is there any name in particular you like? Or perhaps you have your own Ava middle name suggestions? Then feel free to share your favorite options in the comments below! Perhaps you can help someone find a perfect option for their baby girl!

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