Best Middle Names for Elizabeth to Pick in 2022

Best Middle Names for Elizabeth to Pick in 2022
Last Updated: 09 June 2022

It is funny, but when were kids, middle names weren’t really a thing! Maybe, here and there someone who had one appeared but it wasn’t not considered fashionable like it is today. On the contrary, everybody thought of it as something that belonged in the past. We remember; that as teenagers we also saw it as something aristocratic. You know, you could imagine someone from a royal family called Eugene Victoria Helena or Henry Charles Albert David, etc. But not ordinary people!

Nevertheless, now it seems that middle names make a big comeback, and many parents think it’s great to give their child some fitting and beautiful middle name. So why not also consider it for your little one? It will make them stand out from their namesakes and have that regal, impressive vibe?

So today, we’ll take a look at some of the most beautiful, popular, and interesting options, to choose the best middle name for Elizabeth!

Why Is Elizabeth Such a Popular Name

When thinking about classic names, one that often comes to mind is Elizabeth. Funny thing is that, unlike many older names that fell out of fashion, this one remained interesting for people, throughout centuries. But do you have any idea why it is like that? So, it is a beautiful and sort of elegant name. Thinking about it who comes to your mind? Probably Elizabeth Taylor, or Queen Elizabeth. So, it is kind of the name of royalty too! Another reason for its popularity is that there are a bunch of names that go with Elizabeth. Hence it can be the first or a wonderful and pretty middle name for Kate.

The Elizabeth name meaning comes from the Hebrew name Elisheva, made of two parts – El which means God, and Shava, meaning oath. So Elizabeth means pledged to God.

Unusual Nicknames for Elizabeth

Before talking about middle names that go with Elizabeth, we will briefly mention some nicknames. Funny thing is that there are plenty of nicknames that come from this name. Plenty of them became names of their own, over the years. If you feel that Elizabeth is too long or something, you can pick one of these.

  • Betty
  • Bess
  • Liz
  • Elsie
  • Etta
  • Lisa
  • Zella

International Variations of Elizabeth

International Variations of Elizabeth

Another unusual thing about this name is that there are variations in different parts of the world. We know some of them, such as Isabella and Eliza. But some are indeed unusual like Scottish name Ailsa, Islandic Ellisif, or Hungarian, Erzsebet. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other variations of Elizabeth worldwide.

Best Middle Names for Elizabeth

There are remarkably plenty of good middle names for Elizabeth. And the best one would be the one that sounds good to you, and has a meaning you think would be quite fitting for your little girl.

So, here are some names that go well with Elizabeth:

Name Meaning Origin
Adele Noble French
Arielle Lion of God French
Claire Clear; Bright French
Chloe Blooming; Fertility Greek
Talia Dew of Heaven; By the water Hebrew
Plum Name of the fruit English
Raine Queen Latin
Fleur Flower French
Dove Name of the bird English
Barbara Foreign woman Latin
Blanche White French
Lark Name of a songbird English
Amy Beloved French

Tips to Choose the Perfect Middle name for Elizabeth

Whether you are choosing a middle name for Elizabeth or some other name, there are things you need to consider:

  • Make sure that it sounds well with the first and last name.
  • Say the middle name for Elisabeth out loud with the first name. If it sounds good and you like it – that’s a perfect middle name for Elizabeth.
  • Add the last name and say everything together out loud.
  • Check out the initials and the full name forms. Wouldn’t want to end up with a funny acronym now, would we?
best middle names for elizabeth


Choosing names is fun and exciting. But you nevertheless need to approach this task seriously because your child will carry the names you choose for the rest of her life. Thus, when you pick the perfect middle name for Elizabeth, make sure to choose something that will make all of you proud and that will give her strength and power to conquer the world!

So which name do you like? Or perhaps you have your own favorite middle name for Elizabeth? Then feel free to share it in the comments below! Together we can help each other choose the most fitting names for our little girls!

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