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Is it Okay to Bring your Child to a Baby Shower?

Is it Okay to Bring your Child to a Baby Shower?
Last Updated: 04 August 2021

Baby showers have become a significant part of most expecting moms’ journeys. They are fun and present an excellent opportunity for other moms to interact. But is it rude to bring your child to a baby shower? As a mom, you would assume that your invite includes your little ones. But, in some cases, hostesses might prefer otherwise.

Defining a Baby Shower

A baby shower is an event, usually, put together to celebrate an expectant mom in preparation for her new bundle of joy. In most situations, a baby shower is a female-oriented event, but nowadays, men have become part of the party.

Should You Bring Your Child to a Baby Shower?

It can be confusing whether to carry your child to a baby shower or not. Generally, it is not polite to walk in with your children. Mainly because the hostess might prefer an all-adult baby shower, and who wants kids at a baby shower running, whining, and screaming?

what is baby shower

Go Through the Invitation

What does the invitation say? Did the hostess say you can bring your kids? If the invite does not indicate bringing your child is okay, it is not polite to assume that you could. But, if the hostess mentions that your kids are welcome to the party, you can bring them.

The hostess might not talk about kids, and this is where you should read between the lines. She might use suggestive language, indicating that she prefers an adult-only event. Again, check if it says only the person on the invite is allowed. In such a case, the hostess indirectly communicates that you should not bring children, boyfriends, friends, colleagues, etc.

Did the Hostess Mention It?

Usually, if the invitation does not say it’s okay to come with your kids, she will most definitely assure you that your children are welcome. Remember, the hostess’s baby reveal ideas might not suit the presence of kids, so they might mention that or leave it.

In some instances, the hostess might intentionally omit that wanting to exclude some kids in the family. In such a case, she might invite some and leave others out. Simple baby shower etiquette would be to communicate and ask if you should bring your little one.

bringing a baby to the baby shower

Kick Away Assumptions

Assuming that it is okay to bring your child can cause friction between you and the hostess. Remember, some people are okay having events with all their children while others choose events kids go to and others they should not. On this note, it can be rude to walk in your child out of assuming the hostess is okay with it.

Ask and Confirm

Some families follow specific baby shower traditions, so the hostess might not mention if your kids should go. This is because they assume others will follow the custom, especially if it is not in the invitation. On this note, you should ask to confirm.

Note that, if the hostess does not want kids in their baby shower, you should leave it at that. Do not negotiate as they already have their reasons why. It can be rude to convince them, which can lead to a little bile between you and the hostess.

Why You should not Bring your Child to a Baby Shower

There are a few reasons why bringing your child to a baby shower is a terrible idea. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Babies are Different

Some kids are cute, calm, and collected, while others are noisy and chaotic. While all kids’ behavior is acceptable, having to deal with the latter is not fun in a baby shower. You want to enjoy a moment with your mom friends, catch up, and worry less about your child screaming.

bored crying baby at baby shower

Tantrums and Attention

Imagine having to deal with a crying baby the entire time at a baby shower? It will not only be restless for you but a nuisance to the rest of the guests. And since you might not know how your child will behave, it is good to leave them behind.

Time to Rest

As long as you are with your child, you will need to give them the attention they need. If you are looking for ways on how to make mom friends, a baby shower provides an opportunity for that. Interact, share, and relax.

The Bottom Line

Is it rude to bring your child to a baby shower? Generally, it is not advisable, but if your hostess indicates it is okay, you can carry them or leave them at home. Check what the invitation says, ask the hostess and confirm if it is okay. What do you think? Should you bring your child to a baby shower? Feel free to comment and share your opinion.

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