Tips on How to Make Mom Friends

Tips on How to Make Mom Friends
Last Updated: 04 August 2021

Without a doubt, being a single mother is difficult, especially when your circle of interests and all your attention is focused on your baby, especially in the first months of your baby’s life. In this case, it is likely that you will remain a single mom with no friends because not all your friends will be able to help and support you from this perspective.

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On the other hand, in life, it often happens that with a change in interests and lifestyle, our environment also changes. At this stage, it is worth thinking about finding mom friends.

But we are no longer young children and making new friends quickly may seem like a challenge. Especially if you are in your little world with your child. It is quite logical if you have a question “How to make mom friends?”

To be 100% confident and motivated in your search for new acquaintances, ask yourself the question “Do I need mom friends?”. If so, then you just need to relax, remember how good it is to seek help, get advice and support from friends who understand you, and continue reading.

Why you need mom friends

As a first-time mom, when you look at your baby wrapped in cozy blankets, you may think, “I can do it alone.” But, soon, you realize that parenting is no woman’s joke. You quickly scroll through your contacts, looking for a fellow mom or friend to call for a little help or search online on how to meet other moms. So, you need a mom friend because:

why you need mom friends
  • You need the tips: When you are around other moms and their babies, you will pick up tips just by observing their babies. How are they making feeding a baby so easy? How do they keep their baby from messing around? Moms are always willing to share their parenting tips, so just ask.
  • They understand mom guilt: Are you the type of mom who feels some guilt while you are away from your kids? Mom’s guilt is real and can take a toll on you. But, when you meet other moms used to spending hours away from their babies without feeling guilty, you will realize that there is actually nothing wrong with taking time with yourself.
  • You need someone to vent to: Your baby can make you have a really long day that you keep thinking may never end. Sometimes, you just want to vent about that cute little thing to another woman who will listen to you as you rant and call your baby names.
  • They know the tricks: So, you sit there exhausted and frustrated but with the baby on your laps. Your veteran mom friend knows you need some rest. She will grab the baby from you and put him down in her crib and come back as if nothing happens. She knows the baby will cry a little then sleep instead of having her on your lap where she may never sleep. You need such mom friends.

Where can you meet mom friends

Making mom friends should not be a difficult task if you know why you need such friends. In fact, you should be looking forward to building such relationships whenever you move to a new neighborhood. If you are wondering, “how do I go about meeting moms in my area?” Here are a few tips.

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Look in your neighborhood

The easiest and fastest way to find mom friends in your area is to look in your neighborhood first. The good thing about having a mom friend who is also your neighbor is that you will see each other more often. So, don’t lock yourself in the house, instead of being outside the house more. You can have your kids play outside as you read your books on the patio. Soon, you will see other children playing around. Allow your children to play with other kids, and when their mom comes out to check on them, walk to her and say hello. You may soon get the much-needed solution on how to make mom friends.

Meet your kid's friends' moms

If your kids have friends in school, kindergarten, or just around, you can take advantage of it to meet their moms. When you go to pick your kids from school, ask them to show you their friends. Introduce yourself to their mom and let them know who your child is. You may find a way to go about how to make friends with other moms.

Visit the park more often

Moms like taking their kids out for a walk in the park. Take advantage of the nearby park to meet other moms. Here, you will meet other lonely moms thinking of how to make mom friends or just a group of moms catching up. Strike a conversation with them, and you may get much-needed friends.

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Search for mom friends online

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks provide a platform for you to get and make friends. Search for moms’ groups and ask to join. Sometimes, you may not meet these moms physically, but you will learn a lot from the experience they share on their pages. Other sites such as not only offer baby products but also some useful parenting tips.

Final thoughts

Every mother needs mom’s friends for support. They can learn a lot from other moms’ experiences and share the same with them. Once you find mom and friends, work at nurturing the friendship. This communication may last to your old age.

How did you meet your mom friends? Share your experience!
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