Washing Cloth Diapers

Washing Cloth Diapers
Last Updated: 02 August 2021

One huge thing that would freak a person is cleaning a diaper cloth on their own. Even though it may not seem as bad as it sounds, this idea of cleaning diapers can leave a lot of individuals squeamish. However, it can turn out to be a very cost-effective way of maintaining hygiene. A critical question to ask before entering into the world of cleaning diaper cloth is if a person has any experience of washing any clothing. If the answer is yes, it’s certainly possible for an individual to clean diapers by washing with water.

Those who are new to these strip cloth diapers are likely to be overwhelmed, but cleaning and using these diapers is quite simple. This process is simple thanks to the availability of modern plumbing systems and hot water access.

Using such items has been seen as a way to reduce household costs, which would be quite high with a new baby around. Even though multiple changes are required per day, these cloth products turn out to be cheaper than disposable products. There is also an environmental point of view, where multiple uses of a single cloth diapering will help our environment rather than using a disposable product. This is even with all that washing process involving cleaning diapers after a single-use.

Do You Really Save Money Using Cloth Diapers?

A decision can be made to a lot of factors, like environmental concern, cost, and even convenience. The same goes for using disposable diapers, but there is a growing interest in cloth diaper brands considering the advantages of coming in terms of monetary savings.

Do you really save money using cloth diapers

It may appear to offer a lot of savings, but it may not be a correct picture. Disposable diapers may end up costing around $0.30 each. Meanwhile, cloth ones are substantially cheaper at under seven cents per diaper. If the average need for a baby is approximately seven diapers per day, it automatically results in savings of around $2 per day.

Now, this may not seem very significant at first, but numbers are quite substantial over the year when items will be cheaper by $600. Yet, there is an initial outlay that needs to be spent on making cloth diaper sets feasible. There are several variations of these products, but going with a relatively expensive choice may result in at least $500 for setting up. Disposable products can be thrown away after use, but expenses related to washing also should be taken into account when it comes to non-disposable items. Adding around five dollars per month in electricity and water charges is quite fair.

As a result, those final savings will be nil since cloth diaper for toddlers also costs as much as disposable ones. A real difference comes about when buying these products for the second or third child, as costs go down drastically due to a lack of any setup costs. All in all, these items will be saving a considerable sum of money by the third child.

Hence, your opportunity to save money by opting for these cotton diapers is mainly dependent on several factors.

Do You Rinse Cloth Diapers Before Washing?

It is not necessary to come up with a considerable effort to clean cloth diapers before they are placed into a wet bag or the best diaper pail for cloth diapers. Most parents swipe with dips into the toilet or use a sprayer to remove all that mess. This is an essential process before using cloth diapers in the washer.

Do you rinse cloth diapers before washing

Since there is a significant concern about staining other clothes within the same washer, rinsing becomes essential. Once most of the mess has been removed, it can be put inside a bag. Those who are incredibly stringent about cleanliness may consider using diapers liners. These are porous and thin strips that take their place near a containment zone and eliminate any of the solids. Most diaper liners end up in trash while the rest can be flushed. Even though liners do not save a lot of time by reducing cleaning, they are recommended for people who are picky about cleanliness.

The residual smell, staining, wear, and tear of such diapers can be reduced by lowering the number of cleaning cloth diapers through the laundry. It’s possible to delay washing by a couple of days. If the diaper has not been through a wash for a couple of days, it can result in a mildew stain. Once a user gets accustomed to cleaning every other day, it’s possible to see a reduction of time taken to washing baby clothes.

How Do You Wash Cloth Diapers For The First Time?

Irrespective of cloth baby diapers being used, it needs to be washed several times over. Many newbies end up asking “how to wash cloth diapers?” It’s possible to get in touch with a diaper service for handling that dirty work, but these services are becoming rarer. Further, they also ramp up costs excessively, and the objective of going with these products in the first place goes out of the window. There are several instructions and directions provided by manufacturers for those about to enter into washing cloth diapers. Certain products need special handling, but it’s possible to go with a conventional technique most of the time.

These washable diapers can be put straight from a wet bag into the wash. It also pays well to soak stained these products for a few hours before washing them. Products can also be kept in a wet container with water. However, this is not recommended since soaking for a couple of hours can easily result in stains becoming a set. If the wet container is still used, a user should not forget to drain away from a liquid in the toilet before starting that agonizing process of washing the diapers cloth.

There are three stages to learn in “how to put on a cloth diaper” via a washing machine – pre-rinse, wash and rinse. The pre-rinse procedure would last around 30 minutes in a washing machine. There are no additives or detergents to “be used in the cycle, as only water is required. The wash cycle usually involves a vigorous agitation that carries on for an extended period. It is recommended to have at least 15 minutes of agitation for cleaning these products very well. Finally, a rinse cycle is usually set to one in most washers, but an additional rinse at the end is recommended. This second rinse will be able to eliminate any small dirt. Coldwater is recommended – just like in pre-rinse – for this final stage, as it has been proven effective at removing any dirt and even any additional detergent.

The best detergent for cloth diapers is very crucial while washing these products. A good idea would be going with a detergent that has fewest ingredients. Therefore, detergents with enzymes, fabric softeners, or bleach should be avoided. Manufacturers would also provide a recommendation on this front.

Some may also elect using additional products in the wash cycle, but this can increase problems by causing smells inside diapers. The cycle should be kept simple with some detergent being an only additive. Many make a mistake of going with products like oxygen bleach, white vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, and more

Do you need to rinse poop cloth diapers

Do You Need To Rinse Poop Cloth Diapers?

Washing dirty items in a washer can be annoying to certain people, who would not want any mess from the best cloth diapers mixing with other clothes. But it becomes rather difficult to wash these products without a wash. However, it’s possible to make the whole process sanitary by adopting specific techniques like pre-rinsing laundry with cold water, followed by hot water. Even though many washers will be able to accomplish hot/cold series quite effectively, the cycle does not bring about much of a difference. It is, however, essential to begin with cold water since it reduces stains quite rapidly. Rinsing can be considered done once hot water has been applied.

Crucially, this is not the only rinsing process that will be followed during the entire schedule. In fact, a second rinse is also required just after the diaper has been taken out of water. There is certainly no way to go wrong with rinsing, as the additional water that has been put into diapers will always reduce the chances of repelling or residues. Some even perform this rinsing task even with a machine by using additional water.

Is It Sanitary To Wash Cloth Diapers In Washer?

The cleaning of cloth diapers is crucial for sanitary purposes, but many are skeptical about using this item in a washer along with all other clothes. Any worries about sanitation can be eliminated by pre-rinsing diapers properly before it is put into a washer. Pre-rinsing is relatively simple, and it does not involve a lot of components. The only ingredient used in this stage is cold water, and it has the power to eliminate most of the dirt. Admittedly, some mess still remains, and it will be removed only by agitation in the washer.

Even if concerns remain, cloth diapers pail will prevent dirt from staining other clothes. Even though this will result in added costs, it will provide peace of mind.

Can you put cloth diapers in the dryer

Can You Put Cloth Diapers In The Dryer?

The common mistake made before putting snipers into a dryer is leaving Velcro fasteners open. These can end up coming together and causing damage to diapers. Even though the dryer can be a great solution for getting the product back in shape, many wet diapers seem incapable of handling the heat given off by many machines. It does not harm to double-check recommendations given by the manufacturer concerning the maximum temperature that a product can withstand in the cloth diaper wash routine.

One of the cheapest and environmentally friendly options would be drying these products using a line method where they are left to dry under the sun. Apart from these two advantages mentioned above, the sun can also end up whitening diapers. If the sun is too intense, it can result in a stiff diaper cloth even though it may end up drying very quickly indeed.

Do you have to wash cloth diapers twice

Do You Have To Wash Cloth Diapers Twice?

Even though it’s possible to remove 99% of the mess using a washer, some individuals are fussy about cleanliness, and they would prefer washing the product twice. It is possible to go with a separate wash cycle in the machine. Modern machines do come with a hot/cold cycle that helps to strip cloth diapers from stains or dirt. Further, there is also an additional rinse at the end of the cycle. If the stain and prewash cycle is being performed, it effectively is a cold water stage. If the machine does not perform proper rinsing at this stage, one can go for a two-cycle method.

There are cases where used cloth diapers have to be washed twice without second thoughts. These are conditions where items have not been pre-rinsed or soaked.


We are finishing our article, and we really hope this information we presented was helpful to you. Remember that washing is not that bad as it sounds like, and you save the environment as well. Plus, you save money in the long run. What’s your experience with such products? Tell Parenthoodroutine more in the comments, let’s help others understand this topic better as well!

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