Complete and Detailed Guide to Help You Read with Your Toddler!

Complete and Detailed Guide to Help You Read with Your Toddler!
Last Updated: 02 August 2021

Now, are you having trouble reading to your child? Well, looking for the best stories for kids is not as easy as it may sound. It’s a process that requires a lot of time, passion, and dedication. Luckily, in this detailed toddler reads guide, we have put together all the reading tips, techniques, and books to read for kids. We will also answer a few of the pressing questions that we keep getting from parents. Take a look!

Reasons Why Reading Toddler Books to Your Kid is Important

According to various reports, kids with broad language exposure perform better than others both educationally and socially. The most effective way of doing so is by choosing the most exciting kids’ books as it sets the right foundation for future independent studying. It also helps in eliminating those studying challenges that we keep on witnessing in their later stages of learning. Other crucial language aspects which toddler books assist kids in understanding include:
  • They give them a considerable vocabulary of phrases.
  • They gain phonemic awareness, meaning that they can understand those phrases which come from smaller sounds.
  • They can quickly identify those page marks which represent words as well as letters.
  • Lastly choosing the baby milestone books improves their understanding of alphabetical letters.
Now, some feel that toddler reading games, developing special instructions, and even creating flashcards are excellent ways of helping toddlers gain such skills. However, remember that by frequently telling your kids stories from various books, you give them the best language advantage over their peers.

What Are the 5 Benefits of Reading that Should Always Be on Your Mind?

Mom and toddler are having fun
Just like we have previously mentioned, fixing studying problems in kids who are already in elementary school is quite challenging. That’s why you should ensure that your child can read at the earliest of ages. In fact, experts in early childhood development say that this rather easy and entirely possible. Below, we will go through 5 short-term and long-term benefits of reading to toddlers. They are as follows:

1. Improved Skills in Language

Fiston Mudacumura, a Rwandese and famous publisher of kids’ books, says that daily reading to toddlers, especially at infancy assists them in gaining literacy skills as well as language comprehension. Why? Interestingly, this triggers the section of the brain, which builds social and literacy as well as language skills. He continues and explains that picking out the best baby reading book introduces kids to those word phrases only found in books. Many of these terms differ from those they hear in their daily lives. Furthermore, the language found here is quite descriptive, and uses typically various forms of grammatical structure.

2. It Creates a Long-term Love for Reading Books

When you choose to get the best book for toddlers, you create a love for reading, something which may end up lasting for decades. Besides, once you read aloud books for toddlers, you give them a pleasant experience. This further inspires its independent studying in the future.

3. It Prepares Toddlers for Future Success in their Academics

woman is reading to toddlers
Another advantage of teaching toddlers to read is it ensures they excel in their studies once they get in the formal education process. Yes, they stand at a higher chance of performing well if they develop such a habit during their infancy years. Although they may not learn everything during this stage, some of the essential things they will get include:
    • Phonetic awareness.
    • Comprehension of different language phrases.
    • Basic techniques in grammar.

4. A Boost in Discipline as Well as Concentration

Educational professionals also add that introducing constant kids reading time into their schedule removes any feeling of boredom while in class. After all, it’s difficult to keep young children in one position for a long time without them losing their focus. Even so, by constantly interpreting books, as a parent, you will start observing changes in your child’s behavior. Despite this, we should highlight that the process is not always easy. Many toddlers will get distracted and even squirm as you tell them a story. The good thing is; eventually, they will develop a habit of sitting still until you are through with the story.

5. It Boosts Cognitive Skills and Development

What do you understand by cognitive development? Well, it’s simply the process of understanding a specific issue. It involves problem-solving and decision-making techniques that all kids require through adulthood and even adolescence. So, reading to your young one improves his or her background understanding of the environment he or she lives in. Furthermore, reading to toddlers benefits and enhances their appreciation of what they hear, and see. So, don’t get tired when choosing the best stories to read to toddlers as you’ll only be giving them a bright future to look forward to!

How Often Should You Go Through A Book With Your Toddler?

mom is reading to a toddler
It’s advisable that you read to toddlers regularly or as often as you can. Here, you can schedule at least one ‘reading for kids’ session every day. It could be before bedtime or daytime naps as it helps kids in relaxing. You could even tell your child a story whenever he or she is in the mood. Select at least four books for him or her and praise whichever selection they make. Also, as you do so, allow your child to turn the pages. You could even let him or her finish one or two sentences, especially those with rhyming phrases.

Do Toddler Books Come With Age Restrictions? How to Pick Out the Very Best!

Toddler reads a book
Once you visit the library, you will find several resources to read to toddlers. So, how should you pick out the most appropriate learning material for your child? Well, first, you should know that these learning materials are for kids of different ages. For instance, there are those for 3-year-old children, 4-8 years, and others of those aged between 9-12 years. Here are three techniques that will assist you in your selection:

1. First Determine Your Kids Reading Level

Toddler reading resources for those who have not reached three years should come with pictures and photos of children doing their everyday duties. Good examples include books about mealtime, baths, and bead time plus those which have characters saying ‘good-bye’ and ‘hello’. Other must-read books for toddlers are those that further their reading mechanics; for instance, those that are simple in memorizing and repetitive enough to trigger a read-along process. Such books are mostly for those kids who are of three years and above.

2. Conduct a Thorough Background Check

To know the language and content found in different children’s reading books before selection, do a lot of research. Go through online reviews and even ask for advice from librarians, teachers, and parents as well as learning coaches. What’s more, you will find specific websites with various baby books to read to infants based on genre, type of entertainment, and of course, age.

3. What are the Interests of Your Child?

Kids who have not reached the age of 9 years love reading materials containing stuffed animals, trucks, and trains. Others kid book reading resources are those filled with songs and poems. It’s always good once you find a story that eventually turns into an amazing and exciting singing along time.

Our 2 Simple Techniques to Help Your Toddler Learn to Read

toddler learns to read
Are you struggling just teaching toddlers to read? While there are many ‘How to Teach Toddler to Read Books,’ below, we have come up with two basic methods to guide you through this process.

Use of Songs

Nursery rhymes or songs are some of the best reading activities for toddlers. They help them to hear the hidden syllables as well as sounds found in words for improved language understanding. They also create a fantastic bonding activity for kids and further helps them to develop their literacy skills.

Make Some Alphabetical Toys

Here is another remarkable technique if you want to learn to read for toddlers. Come up with silly words and fix them on some blocks, magnets, or any other available alphabetical toy. This will make sure that your child understands different phonic sounds in the kids’ reading books.

What are the Frequently Asked Questions When Reading for Kids?

Over the years, we continue to receive numerous questions when it comes to reading for kids. Here are our answers to some of these queries:

Does Reading to Your Baby Make them Smarter?

reading makes your baby smarter
Research shows that reading books for kids improves their studying skills and use of vocabulary even when they join the school. That’s why it’s essential for parents to conduct as many ‘toddler read’ exercises and as early as possible.

What Are the Best Books for 3-year-olds and Above?

While there are several storybooks that you could pick for your child, it’s essential for you to pick out those with compelling characters and enchanting personalities. Choose those stories which have delighted little ones for several generations. Here are some of the books to read to toddlers of this age:
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    • Dear Zoo
    • Each Peach Pear Plum
    • Where Is Spot?

What Age Can Toddlers Read?

mom is reading with toddlers
You’ll find a toddler learning to read between 4 or 5 years while others start the exercise between the ages of 6 and 9. What’s clear is that training your child at an early age will only give him or her an advantage over others.

At What Stage Do Toddlers Start Recognizing Numbers and Letters?

A lot of children start identifying such figures between the ages of 3 and 4. Usually, they will first recognize those letters found on their names. As they move into kindergarten, they start making a sound to letter associations, for instance understanding that ‘book’ starts with the letter ‘B.’

When Should a Child Stat Reading Fluently?

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If you want to help your toddler learn to read correctly, you need first to understand that there’s no recommended age. Some start earlier than others, and even if yours has a clear head start, once he or she joins a school, others will almost certainly catch up maybe during the third or second grade.


Do you want to know how to learn how to read to your child? Well, this detailed has all the knowledge and insights to inspire your ‘toddler read’ process. The tips and techniques found here will further help you to come up with the best way to teach a child to read. So, with such information now at your disposal, do you think you can finally get your kid to appreciate the value of books? Have you also found some exciting books to read for kids? Share your opinion with in the comments.
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