How to Prevent Diaper Blowouts: A Detailed Guide for New Parents

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Last Updated: 23 July 2021

Who thought that there would be so many things to learn and get used to when it comes to babies? Most of us believe that pregnancy and childbirth are the biggest challenges! And after that, we imagine life with a little bundle of joy as perfect paradise!

But the problem is that nobody prepares you for the mess they can create! And we are not talking about sleep deprivation, painful breasts, changing diapers, etc. We are talking about the real mess! If you are a new parent yourself, then you certainly know what we are talking about! Yes, diaper blowout! The first thing about it is that it can happen anytime and anyplace. And seeing the poop leaking from your precious one’s diaper is awful even when you are at home, let alone in the park or restaurant. Plus you have to deal with cleaning, wiping and washing dirty clothes.

Now you may think that diaper overflow is more common when you have a newborn because they poop frequently! Alas, this is a misconception. Diaper blowouts in older babies do happen, and we can’t control how often or how much the baby is going to poop. Thus, it’s important to understand and learn how to prevent diaper blowouts.

What Is a Diaper Blowout?

Even if you are still not a parent, it is not hard to imagine what is a diaper blowout, isn’t it? The word says it all – it’s something that happens when the baby poops, but the diaper fails to do what it is designed to do. When the poop leaks out of the diaper and appears around the legs or on your little one’s back or belly, you are dealing with a diaper blowout. It happens when the poop is liquid, and the diaper can hold it anymore. So you get a bunch of poop everywhere. Yeah, it’s undeniably an unpleasant experience, but that’s just part of a baby’s life. Thus, it’s super common, and probably there isn’t a baby or a parent who didn’t experience it at least once.

As no one knows when it will happen, the best thing you can do is to prepare yourself in advance and learn everything about preventing diaper blowouts.

Why Is Baby Having Diaper Blowouts?

Before learning how to prevent blowouts we must understand why they happen in the first place. In our experience, there are several possible reasons for diaper overflow. So let’s see what they are, and then we will move to some diaper blowout solutions.

Wrong Diaper Size

As you know, diapers come in age-appropriate sizes! Now, sometimes when the little one is between sizes you may think that it is no big deal if you get a size bigger or size smaller. However, this is wrong!

If the diaper is too small it won’t be able to hold the amount of your baby’s poop. Thus the poop will finish around the little one’s legs. If it is too big, the content will leak and spill around everywhere.

So when you want to prevent diaper blowout, make sure that you choose the right diaper size for your little one!

Diaper Size Average Baby Weight Diapers Per Day
Preemie under 6 lbs as needed
Newborn up to 10 lbs 8-12
1 8-14 lbs 8-10
2 12-18 lbs 8-9
3 16-28 lbs 6-7
4 22-37 lbs 5-7
5 > 27 lbs as needed
6 > 35 lbs as needed

Blowout after Constipation

Some think that babies can’t get constipation because they mainly feed on milk. But that is, again, a misconception. Babies actually can get constipated on breast milk if they’re stressed or have some illness. It’s also especially common in summer when the heat creates additional stress for your child.

Plus, kiddo can get constipated once you start introducing them to solids, such as rice cereal, let’s say. Hence why many experts advise first introducing them to oatmeal, especially if your child already had a reaction to rice cereal.

After a day or two of constipation, you can expect a big blowout. Hence when you notice that your precious one has trouble pooping, it’s best to prepare and learn about diaper blowout prevention.

Wet Diaper

Even when you’re using diapers of proper size, make sure to change them regularly – it all depends on the age of your baby. If you forget and the diaper gets over soaked, you are in for a big diaper blowout. Keep in mind that it is better to be safe than sorry!

How to Prevent Diaper Blowouts?

Now when we know what is causing it, let’s learn more about how to avoid diaper blowouts!

Choose the Right Brand for Your Baby

As we mentioned, diaper blowouts are super common. People think that they will be able to avoid them by buying high-quality overnight diapers. But in reality, things are not so simple! Blowouts can happen even with the best diapers on the market.

So, before you choose Huggies little snugglers or some other option, make sure that you try how they fit on the baby first. If the elastic fits well and your baby’s diaper area is completely covered, it should be okay. Other than that:

Do Not Tuck Diaper Leg Cuffs

When putting the diaper on the baby, most parents have the impulse to tuck in the leg cuffs. It is, however, wrong. When changing a diaper, you should pull the cuffs outwards. It is also important when you want to know how to put on a diaper so it doesn’t leak.

Use Cloth Diaper Cover

Most of us choose disposable diapers because we don’t have to deal with washing and sanitizing. Cloth diapers, however, are thicker and more absorbent. Plus, the elastic on the back is usually enough to contain the poop. So when you want to learn how to prevent diaper blowouts up the back, it is best to use cloth diapers.

Buy Larger Diapers

As we mentioned, if the diaper is too small, there is a high chance you will have to deal with a diaper blowout. And sometimes, when the little one is between sizes, it can be confusing which one to choose. On the other hand, plenty of brands such as Pampers, Huggies, or Kirkland diapers have an extensive selection of sizes, so finding a proper one shouldn’t be a problem.

Other than that, it’s better to size up when you are buying the best diapers to prevent blowouts.

Preventing Diaper Blowout: A Quick Recap

Is the diaper put on properly?
  • A. The diaper should go to the belly button
  • B. Ruffles should go out
  • C. Fasten the tags
Is the diaper the right size?
  • A. If there is an overflow, go a size up
  • B. If there is a leak, size down.
Diaper blowout up the back?
  • A. Check the elastic on the back
  • B. Get diapers for active babies
Diaper Leaking out the Leg?
  • A. Check the leg ruffle
  • B. Roll down the top.
Diaper Overflowing
  • A. Go a size up
  • B. Try Overnight diapers
  • C. Try adding a diaper insert.
Still Leaking
  • A. Try a different brand


Diaper blowouts are undeniably among the messiest experiences you will have with your little one! However, as we mentioned, they are nearly inevitable! Since you will likely have to deal with them, it is essential to know how to prevent diaper blowouts!

And we sincerely hope that we’ve helped you learn all about diaper overflow and what you can do to prevent them!

So, do you have some ideas on how to deal with diaper blowouts?

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