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Are you waiting for a baby and want to know everything concerning baby care? Or are you a new parent who has never changed a diaper? Looking for a comprehensive guideline? We’ve got you covered! In this post, you’ll find detailed info on baby diapers: how to change a diaper, when to change a diaper and even more! All you need to know is here! Scroll down!

How Often Should You Change A Diaper?

Newborns urinate up to 20 times per day. But don’t think you have to change a nappy every time he/she goes pee; there is no need, plus it’ll be too expensive!

Diaper rules are pretty simple, here they are:

  • Generally, you should change a nappy every 2-3 hours. Parents often ask “How many wet diapers should a newborn have?” Expect 5+ full newborn diapers per day.
  • How to wipe a baby
  • If a baby goes poo, change dirty diaper immediately, or as soon as possible to prevent skin damage. How often do newborns poop? Mainly, they go pooping about 3-4 times, but some babies have up to 12 bowel movements a day.
  • Always change before feeding him/her to go to bed. You never know how long a day time rest will take, maybe you’ll be lucky enough with 2-4 hours. For this reason, your little wee must go to sleep in a dry nappy, otherwise, he/she can develop baby diaper rash.
  • Change a nappy when the baby wakes up. We are talking about several-hour sleep. No need to change if your little one nap for about 30 min.
  • Put on a new natural diaper before going out. It’s not that comfortable and hygienic to change in public places.

Now when you know how many diapers per day you need, we can switch to the next paragraph.

How Do You Change A Diaper Step By Step

Our tip # 1 is to use natural diapers for your baby. Natural diapers don’t contain artificial fragrance, latex and aren’t chlorine-bleached; they are dermatologically tested and safe even for allergic infants.

Changing a nappy is not that difficult; once you understand the procedure and try it, you’ll do it like a pro. So, here are diaper changing tips from our experts.

Put everything you need within arm’s reach – a natural diapers, wipes, baby linen, baby skin treatment, etc.

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Put your little one face-up on the changing surface
  3. Take baby’s clothes off
  4. Un-tape new nappy’s tabs, and put it aside
  5. Un-tape tabs on the used diapie
  6. Raise your little one’s bottom by grasping and lifting his/her ankles gently
  7. For poopy diaper change, use the upper half of the nappy to sweep it to the lower one. Slip the nappy away from the little one and put it into a diaper pail.
  8. Wipe the kid clean thoroughly.
  9. Put clean, unfastened, natural diaper under baby’s bottom. Make sure that the tapped side is underneath.
  10. Before fastening the nappy, apply diaper rash treatment if it was prescribed by the pediatrician.
  11. Pull the front of the diapie between little one’s legs.
  12. Close the nappy by pulling the tabs to the front and secure them there.
  13. Fold the nappy down in order not to hurt umbilical stump.
  14. Throw away all used items to a diaper pail or garbage bin.
  15. Wipe the changing surface.
  16. Wash your and your baby’s hands.

How to change a cloth diaper? Use the same method!

Long to read but easy to do, believe us!

What Do You Need To Change A Baby Diaper?

There are several important items to put in arm’s reach before a diaper change. Make sure you have them all.

What do you need to change a baby diaper
  • A safe surface to change a baby – you can make this procedure on the sofa or a bed, just make sure to put a disposable draw-sheet under your baby for hygienic reasons. You can also use a changing table or a changing pad. Before using them read manufacturers safety recommendations and stay stick to them while you are changing.
  • Natural diapers or cloth diaper of the right size.
  • Wipes /cloth or cotton balls and warm water. If you decide to use wipes, make sure they are safe for a newborn and doesn’t contain alcohol and chemicals.
  • The best diaper rash cream or other treatment prescribed by the pediatrician if your little one has skin issues.

How To Wipe A Baby?


While you are cleaning, a little gentleman can surprise you with a fountain of pee, so before changing and wiping, cover his penis with a cloth. Also, don’t be afraid if you notice the erection – it’s normal in baby-boys, go on with the procedure. Make sure that the penis is pointing downwards before putting on a new diapie.


When you are wiping a girl go tender from front to back to prevent infection. Don’t open the labia for cleaning, even if you notice white discharges.

How to put on a diaper

How To Put On A Diaper?

Let’s revise the procedure once again. You have to put a clean, unfastened, natural diaper under the little one’s bottom; do not forget to place the tapped side underneath. Before fastening the nappy, apply a baby skin treatment if needed. Pull the front of the diapie between the kid’s legs. Then close the nappy by pulling the tabs to the front and secure them. Finally, fold the nappy down in order not to hurt the umbilical stump. Easy peasy!

Changing Diapers At Night

You have to change a diaper at night only if it’s soaking wet, or your little one has gone poop. In another case, night time diaper changes are not necessary. Most parents prefer using overnight diapers – they can keep a baby almost dry and comfortable till he/she wakes up.

Things To Remember When Changing A Diaper

At the end of our post, we’d like to give some final tips, which will make a nappy change even easier.

  • Have a bottle of hand sanitizer near the changing surface, so that you don’t need to leave your baby unattended while you’re washing the hands.
  • Before changing, give your kid a distraction so that he/she doesn’t interfere with the procedure.
  • Be patient. Soon you’ll be a pro in changing nappies!

Should I Use Diaper Cream At Every Change?

Changing diapers at night

It depends on your baby’s skin type and condition. If everything is alright, you don’t need to apply it too often.

How Many Diapers Does A Baby Use In A Year?

You will use about 2500-3000 nappies a year – it’s experts’ opinion.

When To Change A Diaper Size?

If you notice red spots on the baby’s body or you can’t fit 2 fingers under the nappy waistline, it’s time for a bigger size.

When Do Babies Stop Wearing Diapers?

It varies from baby to baby. But the middle age ranges from 2 to 3 years old; you can take nappies off from time to time while you potty train your little one.

We, here at, are often get asked about diapering changing procedures. We are answering them here!

We believe your first nappy change will be easy!

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