How To Start Potty Training A Girl

How To Start Potty Training A Girl
Last Updated: 02 August 2021

There are many things which you will miss once your baby grows up, but we are sure that changing dirty diapers is not among those things. Are you a mom who is trying to toilet train her little girl? Are you finding it a big problem? It is a challenge to train any child, boy, or girl. Training for girls is more important. Teach them about hygiene as infections at a young age can lead to life-long problems. Potty training a strong-willed child is an even more significant challenge. There is no fixed age for girls to potty train.

What are the Signs of Toilet Training Readiness?

How to start potty training a girl? There is no fixed training age, but, you will get some hints and cues from your little one and her actions that she is ready to start with this training. You can start toilet training when your child shows some signs instead of just forcing it on her.

signs of potty training readiness
  • Pulling at a Wet Diaper

When your little one is always pulling a wet diaper, she is showing her discomfort. It means that she does not like the feeling of wetness, and you can take this as a positive sign.

  • Fewer Diaper Changes

You find that the frequency of changing diapers is coming down. The gap between the two motions is increasing. For little ones, it is not easy to control peeing or pooping. So fewer diaper changes mean they are getting better at managing.

  • Awakening from a Nap Dry

If your girl is still dry after sleeping for a couple of hours, then it is the first step towards starting potty training. It shows that she is slowly gaining control over her bladder.

  • Trying to Hide

If your girl is hiding while peeing or pooping, it means that she is learning the concept of privacy and also wants to do it like elders.

  • Regular Bowel Movements

How to potty train a girl to poop? When your child starts to have regular bowel movements, then it is time to put her on a seat.

Problems that Arise During Potty Training

potty training problems
  • Sooner or later, all children learn to use a toilet on their own and become independent. There are some problems that you may face while training your child.
  • Some children learn bowel control before they learn bladder control. Donโ€™t give up training and continue trying. Do everything with patience.
  • How to get a girl to pee on a potty? Your little girl may insist on standing up and peeing just like her brother or other little boys around her. Be patient, and let her try it. She will soon realize that it is better for her to sit down.
  • If your child resists and does not want to sit for more than five minutes, then just let her get up. You cannot train a child who is not ready.
  • There will be accidents while you are training your child. Do not show your disappointment and getting angry. Scolding and shouting will only put her off the training.
  • Your child may want to touch or play with her poop. It sounds disgusting but it is quite reasonable. Children do it out of curiosity.
  • Many children worry that they may fall into a toilet bowl and can start crying when you flush their poop. Explain your kid about the body and its functions in a way she can understand.

Can you Potty Train your Girl in 3 Days?

How to potty train a girl fast? If somebody told you that you could potty train your little girl in three days, you would find it ridiculous and unbelievable thing. If you are at the end of your patience, why donโ€™t you try this method of training? Just read and see how to potty train a girl in 3 days.

how to potty train a girl
  • On day 1, when your child wakes up, remove a soggy diaper; this will be the last diaper. Let your girl throw the baby diaper and say,โ€ bye.โ€
  • Make your child wear an oversized T-shirt and explain there is no diaper to catch pee or poop.
  • Give your kid breakfast and some juice. It is better to give some extra juice. Now take your child to the washroom.
  • Throughout the day, continue the process, keep giving your child juice. Donโ€™t leave the house, take your child to the washroom every half hour or so.
  • Donโ€™t leave the house for three days. Play with your child and continue with other routine things.
  • Cut off all liquids and food after dinner. Take your child for one last visit to the washroom before bedtime.
  • How to potty train a girl at night? Wake your child halfway through the night for peeing.
  • Repeat the same routine for the next two days.

There will be some accidents, but more chances are that at the end of three days, your child will be toilet trained or very close to it.

Some Tips for Potty Training Girls

Potty training girls age 2 and above can be stressful for parents as well as a child. Here are a few tips shared by expert parents with you, which should be helpful during this stressful process.

  • You should communicate clearly and talk in a way that your little one can understand. Consistency is also essential, you canโ€™t be firm one day and give up the next.
  • Establishing and maintaining a regular schedule is crucial, especially for girls. Wet diapers can cause infections. Take her to the washroom often, and soon she will do it on her own.
  • You should help your little one relax. If she does not want to be alone, then you must stay with her in the washroom. You can talk or read a story so that she relaxes and calms down.
  • Get the right potty seat for your daughter. There are so many varieties available in the market that you may get confused. The comfort, security, and ease of use are more important than look.
  • The most important tip we can give you is that you should remain calm and positive. There will be many accidents during the process of training. Getting angry with the child will only end in a setback.

Schedule for Potty Training

potty training schedule

There are more chances of success when you have a schedule which you and your child follow. We will tell you how to do it.

  • Be aware it will take time and effort when you start training your child.
  • Use a timer to remind you to take your child to the washroom. This way, there is less chance of an accident.
  • Make a chart with details as it will help you to see a pattern. Change course if you think the progress is slow or there are frequent accidents.
  • Slowly increase the time between breaks.
steps to potty training a girl

Steps to Potty Training a Girl

Once you feel that you are ready for potty training toddler girl, then, you can do certain things to ensure a smooth and easy way to train her. Try to follow the steps given here:

  • Let her watch you use the washroom, so she gets a bright idea. Potty training girl is easier this way; explain the body parts clearly and accurately, and try not to use childish names like wee-wee.
  • You should get the right potty training potty or seat for her; she will feel more secure and stable. Some children fear that they will fall inside a toilet pot when using a full-sized one.
  • You must make her comfortable with her baby girl potty seat. Let her use it with her clothes on for a few days, and she can also put stickers or doodle and make it her own.
  • Set up a schedule. It is more important if your child goes to daycare or a preschool. You will need to coordinate with these people and find out what is best for your girl. Sticking to a schedule is essential, so do it carefully.
  • Teach her the correct way to wipe as it is important for girls. Show her that it always front to back. If she keeps making mistakes, then it is better to teach to pat herself dry.
  • You must be ready to celebrate every small accomplishment. There will be many accidents but ignore them and focus on small victories. She will soon get the message.
  • Like any other skill, this will need some practice. Donโ€™t give up and donโ€™t let your girl give up. Be patient and keep trying until you succeed.
  • Some parents like switching to underwear in one go while some prefer doing it in steps. Do what is best for you and your child. You can get disposable diapers which are midway between diapers and underwear.

How vital is Hygiene When Potty Training Girls?

Hygiene is a consideration when training a boy or girl, but to avoid infections in the future, it is more important for girls. Even if your girl has taken control of basics of toilet training like, getting to the washroom, pulling pants down, washing hands, etc. wiping is one thing that you cannot altogether leave it to her. Poor hygiene can be irritable to the skin and cause many problems. Right from the beginning, stress on hygiene standards and teach her these things:

Hygiene when potty training girls
  • Teach your little girl to wipe from front to back. Wiping from back to front can cause germs from a stool area to infect a vaginal area. Use the best diaper rash cream if you see any rashes.
  • Teach your child to look at the toilet paper after wiping. She should continue cleaning until there are brown stains.
  • Insist that your child washes hands after going to the washroom. Encourage by providing her with fun shaped soaps.
  • Usable toilet paper and wipes are easy to use and can also be used for hand hygiene.
  • If your girl likes pretty things, then buy some nice hand towels and soaps to motivate her.

After reading all the information given here, we are sure you will be able to start potty training for your girl. Share the information with other moms if you find it useful.

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