Epilator vs. wax: which suits you the most?

Epilator vs. wax: which suits you the most?
Last Updated: 04 August 2021

Even if we shave our body hair all year long, we probably do it twice as often in the summer. The reason is obvious: during these warmer months we say goodbye to tights and we welcome short skirts and days by the pool or at the beach. This requires greater attention to hair growth and epilation methods.

Each girl has her own methods: razors, do-it-yourself waxing, appointments at the beautician, or epilators. But each of these methods has its pros and cons and you have to be careful and not fall into mistakes that could hurt you or your skin! Let’s find them out together!

What is the difference between epilation and hair waxing?

When it comes to removing unwanted hair, we have several options we can choose from, such as waxing, epilator, laser, or other permanent treatments.

What should you do before you epilate

But which of these methods is more effective? And above all, which one is the best according to your needs? Are epilators safe? Which method hurts the least? Is epilating better than waxing? Keep reading to find an answer to all your questions!

The market shows us several ultra-innovative products every day, with miraculous results for people like you, who have declared war on unwanted hair. It is only a matter of fishing the most suitable solutions among those offered, depending on personal needs, without neglecting the price factor.

So, let’s get to know all factors that will allow us to choose epilation vs. waxing hair removal.

Epilator vs Waxing: Comparison table

Tools needed
Cold wax strips or hot wax (waxing kit)
An epilator is made up of a variable number of tweezers, which turn quickly and eradicate hair repeatedly
Wax hardens and pulls out hair in the opposite direction of hair growth
Best for
Large areas: legs or arms
Large and small areas: legs, arms, face, armpits
Pain level
Depending on one’s skin: moderate to intense
Depending on one’s skin: moderate to intense
Potential side effects
Irritation, tenderness, redness, ingrown hairs
Sunburn, irritation, folliculitis, and damage to capillaries
Results last
2 to 4 weeks
2 to 4 weeks
Average cost
20 to 100 dollars
20 to 30 dollars for a home kit, 50 to 70 dollars for professional service
Skin type
Best to avoid in case of sensitive skin
Hair type
Hair length
1/8 to 1/4 inches
¼ to ½ inches

What is an epilator? What’s the process like?

An epilator is made up of a variable number of tweezers, which turn quickly and eradicate hair repeatedly. It can be used in different areas of the body, and on the face, depending on the type of accessories supplied. It is the ideal solution for those who do not want to use waxing but, like the latter, it is a system that causes some degree of pain. Ideal for those who have frequent regrowth and do not want to spend money on household waxing or make an appointment with a beautician to make it happen. The advantage over waxing is also that you can work more precisely.

Compared to the first epilators on the market, the latest models are light years ahead, starting from the pulsed light models, equipped with ‘total body’ permanent hair removal devices. You might find some decent ones for less than 100 dollars, and they promise (and do) miracles with a painless performance both in flash mode for micro-areas such as the bikini area and in slide mode for larger areas of the body (legs, arms, or back). There is more: the best epilators can also be used in the shower, without any risk as they are cordless, equipped with an exfoliating brush, accessories, and finishers, with micro-tweezers designed to extirpate the hair at the root, unlike any razor.

What is waxing? What’s the process like?

This type of hair removal method can be done with hot or cold wax and allows you to remove a good amount of hair quickly enough. The hair is removed from the root and the effect lasts for two to four weeks.

side effects or risks of using waxing

Is waxing painful? It is a method that involves some pain and which, based on the sensitivity of your skin, can cause redness and damage to the capillaries.

If you are in a hurry and do not want complications, the simplest and quickest of the two is cold wax. You won’t need to make an appointment with the beautician, as it is a type of fat-soluble wax that comes in comfortable strips to be rubbed with your hands and applied to the desired spots, usually on the legs and on the delicate face-groin-armpit triad. A vigorous tear and it’s done, but it is quite likely that the removed hair will be back within a couple of weeks.

For a more radical and lasting result, better arm yourself with a saucepan and rely on hot wax, based on titanium dioxide or other mixtures of natural resins, but inexperience could hurt you. Sunburn, irritation, folliculitis, and damage to capillaries are all consequences of inexperience with hot wax. If you have sensitive skin, you will probably feel a lot of pain: in that case, it would be better not to take risks and rely on expert hands.

If you want to find out more about face waxing pros and cons keep reading our comparison table!

Benefits and side effects

How painful is an epilator

Benefits of waxing vs. epilator

  • Easier to use
  • Inexpensive (if you are lucky you get away with about twenty euros, more or less double if you opt for the beautician)
  • Quick to apply at home, just a tear, and you’re done!

Disadvantages of waxing vs. epilator

  • The result is not always the best, especially if inexperienced
  • Risk of torn, ingrown hair or worse, redness, folliculitis or other skin irritation
  • Regrowth faster than the performance of the electric epilator

Advantages of epilator vs. waxing

  • Less painful than waxing
  • More professional result
  • Excellent for ‘last-minute’ retouching

Disadvantages of epilator vs. waxing

  • Tingling sensation

Epilator vs Waxing - Final Advice

epilation reduce hair growth

Have you found out where you stand in the debate epilator vs. waxing? If waxing represents the old, epilators represent the new: the first embodies tradition, the second technology. It is no coincidence that, while waxing is renewed, but always faithful to itself and its basic ingredients of natural origin, the new models of epilators showcase ever new and performing heads and designs. Today technology also indulges in equipping them with accessories and methods designed to obtain the best, in this case, a permanently silky and hairless skin.

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