Types of strollers and how many you need to buy

Types of strollers and how many you need to buy
Last Updated: 07 April 2022

How Many Strollers Do You Really Need

Often people assume that a single everyday stroller is enough for one child. But what if you do not require to use a large, heavy stroller when going for a fast walk? There exists a variety of best travel system strollers which are more convenient than those that have attachments and pockets.

Below see the general rules for buying strollers for babies:

  • 1 stroller: A regular stroller for newborns with storage and so much comfort will be awesome for babies.
  • 2 strollers: We recommend this whenever you need a fast walking, umbrella stroller which is easier to get up and going whenever you are simply walking around your home. But you will still need a bigger one that has more storage and comfort for longer walks.
  • 3 strollers: You might require 3 strollers if you are a runner.

When Can Baby Go In Stroller

When can a baby go in stroller varies since each baby is unique. But often, they can at three months or when they are able to support the head. But it is good to consult a pediatrician. Ask him/her questions like do I need a stroller? Which is the best stroller to buy? How many strollers do I need?

Strollers weight limit

The stroller’s weight limit ranges from seven to ten pounds. But the best travel system strollers are above fifteen pounds. The stroller with a high weight limit is not super heavy duty but can be heavy to lift and weight will increase when you begin to add storage.

The weight of the pram 3 wheel stroller can be a little bit more, up to forty pounds at times. A large wheel stroller is however not necessary, so ensure you buy one whose weight will suit you.

What Types of Stroller Are There?

The basic types of strollers include:

Standard stroller

A standard stroller is a full size or normal stroller which is created to allow a baby to lie on the back for the first 2 months. There is even a three-wheel stroller with a car seat for older babies. Normally, they have enclosed sides or a certain containment.

pram stroller

Travel stroller

What is a travel system stroller? This is the best travel stroller that has a travel system which makes it easier to detach the seat and make it a car seat. We recommend a travel stroller for sleeping children.

Pram stroller

If you have just given birth, you will need a bassinet-style baby carriage where the newborn will lie flat as you walk. There are several combination prams and strollers which can get changed to a jogger once the child reaches a certain size.

stroller with car seat

Stroller with car seat

This is the best convertible stroller. It has a car seat or it is compatible with the one that a person has. The stroller with car seat comprises an infant car seat and a stroller. When the child sits up, you will be able to use a stroller without the car seat.

Trio Travel System by Chicco
  • Includes Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant Car seat
  • Detachable stroller seat/canopy leaves behind a lightweight frame Stroller
  • Innovative fold/carry handle for a 1-hand, free-standing quick fold
  • Includes child tray with 2 cup holders
  • Multi-position reclining backrest for added comfort

Jogger stroller

Having the best jogging stroller is necessary for joggers. This type of stroller is created using heavy-duty wheels but it is difficult to turn and cannot fold easily. You need to know when the can a baby go in a jogging stroller and you should buy the expensive brands otherwise you will never enjoy this stroller.

Umbrella stroller

If you are asking, do I need an umbrella stroller then the answer is yes? The best umbrella stroller is light, convenient and affordable. But we recommend buying the umbrella stroller for the infant which has the JPMA certification that proves that it has been analyzed and confirmed to be safe.

gb Travel Stroller with Breathable Fabric
  • The revolutionary ultra-compact folding mechanism of the Pocket Air All-Terrain reduces the stroller into a handbag-shaped package in seconds and is airplane hand luggage compliant.
  • Take to the skies with confidence. The ultra-compact folding mechanism of the Pocket Air All-Terrain is airplane hand luggage compliant, freeing you to travel with your stroller without hassle
  • Weighing only 4.6 kg, the Pocket Air All-Terrain is the perfect travel companion. Its super-lightweight frame is easy to man oeuvre, lift and carry. Perfect for the city, on vacation, or just being on the go.
  • The backrest of the Pocket Air All-Terrain is designed with a breathable mesh fabric that provides comfort for your child even on hot days. Available as an accessory, a snug padded inlay can be added to the seat unit for additional warmth on cooler days.
  • The double wheels of the Pocket Air All-Terrain increase both comfort and usability, allowing parents to confidently man oeuvre on different surfaces and ensuring you'll never get stuck in between cobblestones.

Infant stroller

Since infants are so tiny and have little strength to hold themselves up, you can’t put them in a single stroller. The best option we recommend is getting a Doona Car Seat stroller for toddlers. This is a car seat for a baby which is turned to a stroller by pressing a button. The second option is to buy a daily infant stroller which is compatible with a car seat. You may require 2 strollers since you can’t tell when can babysit in the stroller. The 1st one is the full size one and the second one is the travel stroller.

How Much Money Do You Want to Spend on a Stroller?

We recommend having a budget before for a stroller. The amount you are likely to spend on buying one is between fifty dollars and six hundred dollars depending on the type and brand you want.

Common travel system strollers brands like Britax and Kolcraft will cost between 100 dollars and 200 dollars. There are also more deluxe styles with better materials and more storage.

How Many Kids Do You Plan to Carry?

double stroller

The right stroller to buy also depends on the number of babies you will be carrying. We have:

Double stroller

If you have 2 babies, we recommend getting the best double jogging stroller. They are big and a bit awkward which is why you should only use them if the babies cannot walk. We recommend the side by side models because it is less heavy and they have seats that can fold back in case the baby is a newborn.

triple stroller

Triple stroller

If you have triplets, you will need to get a triple jogging stroller. A triple stroller is simply a double stroller that allows you to attach one more seat.


As you can see, the question about how many strollers do you really need depends on how many kids you have. Parenthoodroutine.com also recommends considering how much money you have. If you are able to buy an expensive stroller, you will be able to accommodate more babies with little extra investment.

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