Best French Boy Names in 2022

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Last Updated: 07 April 2022

Naming a child is not a cakewalk. There are so many things you need to consider – how the name sounds, what meaning does it have e.t.c. Other than that, parents often wonder about the origin of the name, whether because they love a specific culture, or have a certain heritage, they want to pass it on to their child. And given that so many people whether have French origin, or just adore the culture, naturally many consider some unique French boy names.

Are you one of these people? Then this article might be a good source of information when you’re looking for some French male names for your son.

French baby names are common but of late, parents, from all over the world, are especially considering French names for their boys and girls. French boy names are especially becoming pretty popular. Thus, we’ve decided to share with you some of the best french names for boys, that could be a perfect option for your little one!

Why Choose French Name for Your Boy?

There are several reasons parents might want to consider French baby boy names:

  • Out of love for culture.
  • When they want to connect to their French heritage.
  • French is one of the most beautiful and pleasantly-sounding languages in the world. Hence why so many soft boy names actually are of French origin.
  • To find a more unique name for their kiddo.

So, what are some of the most popular French names for boys? Here’s a few!

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Joseph God shall add Hebrew *****
Oscar Golden city Norman ****
Nathan Gift Hebrew *****
Samuel His name is God Greek ***
Leo Lion Latin ****
David Beloved Hebrew *****
Valentine To be healthy Latin ****
Elias Jehovah is God Hebrew ****
Theodore God’s gift Latin *****
Cedric Kindly and loved French *****

Traditional & Old Fashioned French Names for a Boy

The traditional French men names are classy and can still be used due to their appeal and style. So then let’s take a look at some of the best traditional French boy names!

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Aurelian Golden or shining French *****
Emile Rival Greek ****
Marcel Dedicated to Mars Roman *****
Thibault Courageous French ****
Andre Strong and Manly French and Portiguese *****
Warren Park keeper French ****
Russel Red-head French ****
Francois Free one French ****
Gabriel God is my strength Hebrew *****
Stephane Crown Greek ****

Celebrity French Names for a Boy

French names are pretty popular among celebrities. Thus, if you admore someone and wish to name your child after them, here’s some great French guy names:

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Jean God is gracious French *****
Jacques Supplanter French *****
Adelard Noble and brave Old English ****
Apollinaire Gather lion, strength, father light or to destroy Greek *****
Juliane Youthful, Jove’s child French and Greek ****
Serge Durable woolen fabric French ***
Gerard Fort Old English and French *****
Martin Mars French *****
Harvey Battle worthy French ****
Bruce From the brushwood thicket Scottish and English from French *****

Royal French Names for a Boy

It’s no secret that France is often associated with royalty. And not just because of the monarchs of the past, the revolution, or awe-inspiring French fashion, but also because many French names sound so regal and beautiful!

Name Meaning Origin Popularity
Constantine Farm French *****
Balthazar God protect the king French *****
Charlemange Charles the Giant English and French ****
Louis Famous warrior French and German ****
Charles Free-man German *****
Denver From Anvers English or French ****
Armel Bear chieftain or bear prince English ****
Baptiste Saint Greek *****
Henri Home ruler English *****
Isidore Gift from Aset Roman ****

Final Words

And that’s some of the best French boy names we wanted to share! All and all, this origin is perfect when you want to find good, exotic boy names, or just connect to this beautiful culture. However, before deciding, make sure that you listen to the name: repeat it, see how well it goes with first and last name, and, most importantly, just ensure that you like it! If the option you chose checks all the aspects, then chances are you’ve found a perfect match among all these French baby boy names!

And what are your favorite French baby names?

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