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Reviews of Top Best Foosball Tables In 2022

Last Updated: 17 June 2022

A foosball table can be the perfect addition to any living room or man cave. You want to ensure that you’re getting a foosball table that lasts a lifetime. However, that’s not always possible, with some being cheap foosball tables that break. To help you avoid this, we’d like to give you a review of the best foosball tables on the market in 2022.

What’s the Difference Between American and European Foosball Tables?

Foosball is a classic pastime for any man cave along with an air hockey table. If you want the full party entertainment, then it’s best to know what you're looking for. Many foosball tables are made with different designs and themes. Some even follow different teams, which makes it extremely exciting to have for your favorite teams.

That being said, we understand that it can be challenging to select a foosball table if you have no experience. You don’t want to get one that will need repairs or maintenance. Plus, some aren’t angled correctly, which can lead to an unfun game. That’s why we’ve done a bunch of research to help select the best foosball table 2022 has to offer.

See our Top Picks of Best Foosball Tables:

  • Best Foosball Table: Best Choice Products Soccer Foosball Table
  • Best Kids Foosball Table: Sport Squad Table Top Foosball Table
  • Best Heavy Duty Foosball Table: Kick Legend Foosball Table
  • Best Modern Foosball Table: Kick Triumph Black Foosball Table
  • Best Small Foosball Table: Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table
  • Best Home Foosball Table: Kick Conquest Foosball Table
  • Best Standard Foosball Table: Tornado Foosball Table
  • ‎Product Reviews:

    Best Foosball Table: Best Choice Products Competition Sized Wooden Soccer Foosball Table Review

    The Best Choice Products Foosball Table is a versatile game set that’s perfect for game rooms, arcades, and man caves. If you’re looking for a player-friendly design, this unit is easy to pick up and play. There are four rows per team, which equals 11 people per team. To make things more enjoyable, there is a cup holder on each side for when you can’t break away from the game.

    Ergonomic handles are a must as they help control your team better. The comfortable handgrips also allow you to slide handles without any friction seamlessly. Aside from that, the unit has a durable composition and can withstand fueled games that may be a bit too intense.

    Overall, the build is made to be sturdy and is crafted with classic composite wood. The chrome-finished steel rods also enhance durability and keep the table from becoming damaged. As you can see, it’s a highly durable model that is fun to use. Furthermore, the price range is what makes this a good investment.

    For the price range, you’re getting a highly durable and practical foosball table. We’d recommend it for families or bachelor pads.

    Why We Like It

    • The perfect addition to game rooms
    • Easy to use
    • Enhanced control
    • Comfortable grips
    • Durable
    Best Kids Foosball Table: Sport Squad 40 inch Table Top Foosball Table for Adults and Kids Review

    If you’re looking to entertain your friends, then this compact model will be useful. The unit isn’t too heavy and can easily be picked up and transported to family gatherings, parties, or anywhere around the house. It’s the perfect folding foosball table.

    To ensure that gameplay is enjoyable, the steel rods are chrome plated but also include soft rubber grooved handles. The MDF design is also built to prevent wear downs and is suitable for competitive play. The foosball table includes non-marking rubber pads to help keep the unit in the best possible shape.

    Overall, we’d recommend it for either children or as an option among portable foosball tables. The lightweight design and sturdy exterior can help prevent it from breaking apart.

    Why We Like It

    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • Long lifespan
    • Money-back guarantee
    • Fast assembly
    Best Heavy Duty Foosball Table: Kick Legend Foosball Table Review

    The Kick Legend Foosball Table is an extremely durable table that’s designed to last a lifetime. This unit features deep chestnut color wood on its main body and then black coated metal legs. Plus, the convertible foosball table comes with KICK brand quality guarantee, which is why you know it will be worth the investment.

    Aside from that, it comes with both mens sets and is a metal foosball table. This includes the counterbalanced men set and also the uniform men team. Other features include a ball return on each end as well as a sliding scoring system. The handles are non-slip grip and are comfortable to the touch. Overall, this unit is made to last and be suitable for competitive play.

    Overall, this unit is perfect for those looking for a long-term foosball table for their home. The added color scheme makes it a great piece of furniture for any room.

    Why We Like It

    • Highly durable
    • Luxurious design
    • Multiple men sets
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Affordable
    Best Modern Foosball Table: Kick Triumph Black Foosball Table Review

    The Kick Triumph is an excellent black foosball table that’s sleek and modern. Out of all on our list is the best for modern homes as the color comes in jet black. The elegant and simplistic design blends well and looks organized. Plus, the small pop of color from the red and blue players ensures your guests won’t miss it when they walk into the room.

    To help enhance gameplay, the company includes both sets of uniformed men and counterbalanced men. This ensures that you’ll have a fun time playing without getting frustrated. The KICK quality brand is known to be durable and well worth the investment. Plus, add in the fact that they provide a lifetime warranty ensures that it isn’t a bad investment.

    As for the other features that make it stand out is the ball returns on each side, slide scoring, and non-slip wooden handles. There are also two chrome cup holders so that you don’t need to step aside while playing. The unit comes with free rod lubricant and ensures free same-day shipping.

    Overall, this unit is perfect for those looking for an excellent modern all-around unit. However, it’s expensive but the lifetime warranty ensures you’ll be satisfied.


    • Lifetime warranty
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple pieces
    • Sturdy
    • Modern design


    • Hard to assemble
    Best Small Foosball Table: Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table Review

    The Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table is a stunning design world-class table. It includes bright colors that will add excitement to your game. The playoff is bright with color and depicts a stadium that includes fans on the side. It's a realistically molded ABS-molded design, which provides a more immersive experience.

    With the design, it’s perfect for both kids and adults. If you’re looking to place it in a family or game room, then it will work. The adults will love the compact size and durability, and the kids will love the colorful design. As for the base, it comes stable and secure. The engineered wood construction makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Plus, the steel pods also ensure smooth gameplay.

    Lastly, the integrated leg levelers are easy to adjust. This allows both smaller children to play with ease. Then, when they are all done, you can easily switch it back up to play as an adult. If you’re not satisfied with the company, provides a 180-day money-back guarantee. So, is there any reason you don’t have to try it at least?

    Overall, this unit is perfect for families as the height adjustment makes it easy for everyone to enjoy. Furthermore, the portable design allows you to move it from room-to-room.


    • Durable
    • Easily adjustable
    • Multiple heights
    • Compact design
    • Easy to move


    • Hard to assemble
    Best Home Foosball Table: Kick Conquest Foosball Table Review

    The KICK is an excellent heavy-duty foosball table. It’s a very quality version of the classic foosball game. This version is perfect for two to three people. Plus, it comes with easy assemble system to make it easy to set up when you’re on the go.

    For transportation, the unit is extremely sturdy. It has an elegant design suitable for different places. The surface is spacious and allows you to play without taking any of the fun away from the game. The long-lasting build can put up with transportation. This is mainly due to the chrome-plated steel rods and non-slip rubber handles.

    Overall, the versatility and elegance is easily assembled and directed and makes it fun for rallies. The KICK Conquest is perfect for the hardcore soccer game fans. Even if you’re an adult, the size and design can be exciting and is ideal for bringing out when you have guests over.

    If you’re looking for a quality foosball table, you can’t go wrong with this model. Plus, the durable design is sturdy and can easily be transported without getting damaged.


    • World-class quality
    • Extremely durable
    • Easy to use
    • Easy-grip handles
    • Elegant


    • Very light, so table can move when you play
    Best Standard Foosball Table: Tornado Foosball Table Review

    The Tornado is the perfect classic Foosball table for any event room. It’s a heavy-set commercial grade foosball table that comes with adjustable legs. The patented counterbalanced Tornado also includes an enhanced design that helps stabilize the ball. This helps prevent it from rolling back due to gravity or an uneven design.

    Additionally, the table includes solid-wood handles that provide a rustic feel. The unit comes with a dual-side ball, which is perfect for both casual and competitive play. The unit also enables you to play either with another player or a single-player.

    Overall, if you’re looking for a classic design, you won’t go wrong with the Tornado. It’s the top rated foosball tables on this list.


    • Adjustable height
    • Improved balance
    • Classic design
    • Multiple colors
    • High quality


    • Hard to assemble

    Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the Best Foosball Table

    What is Foosball

    A foosball table is perfect for adding entertainment to your home. The table itself provides guinea fun and will soon become a favorite of your guests. Although you will need to be careful about buying considerations. Not all foosball tables are built to last. That’s why we’ve highlighted some of the information you should be aware of.

    What is Foosball?

    A soccer foosball table is a tabletop version of soccer. In this tabletop foosball version, players go against each other and try and knock the ball into the other person’s goal. They use the rods and characters to hit a small ball that can be bounced between the two goals.

    What’s the Difference Between American and European Foosball Tables?

    Is there a difference between American and European professional foosball tables? The truth is, there is actually a big difference, so you’re going to need to be aware of the differences. The American style foosball tables follow a three-goal system. On the other hand, the European versions usually only have a single goalie foosball table. Depending on what type you’d like to play, you’ll need to check the product description ahead of time or refer to the product’s photo.

    What Are The Best Foosball Table Brands?

    The best foosball table brands are the following;

    What Are The Best Foosball Table Brands
    • Roberto Sport
    • Bonzini
    • Tornado
    • Garlando
    • Kick
    • Leonhart
    • Chicago Gaming
    • Fireball

    How to Choose the Best Foosball Table

    There’s plenty of considerations when it comes to buying a foosball table. It may not seem like it, but there are small details that make or break your enjoyment of a foosball table. In this section, we’ll give you a brief breakdown of things you should keep an eye out for;


    The standard size of foosball tables are two and a half feet wide and five feet in length. However, you can find ones that vary in size. A majority of them are larger, but in rare cases, there are kid’s size tables and also portable versions.


    The weight of a foosball will be highly dependent on the type of material. Although the standard table weight is around 100 lbs. However, we’ve seen tables go anywhere from 30-200 lbs.

    Table Size

    The height and table size will vary with each model. If you’re worried about it standing too tall or too low, there are some adjustable tables. You’ll be able to slide the legs of the table up or down. This can be useful if you’re planning on using it with your family, as it accommodates children.

    Table Materials

    Particle Board

    Material wise, foosball boards are best to invest in either a high-quality wood or metal frame. The classic material type is wood, but the upgraded versions include a mix of wood and metal. We would recommend avoiding any models made from synthetic materials or plastic.

    Particle Board

    The particleboard is okay for the most part and inexpensive. However, we wouldn’t recommend them for long-term tables. The particleboards tend to last for the first few years. Although, over time, they tend to deteriorate and tear. Plus, any screws that are in will start to become loose and almost impossible to repair unless you make new holes.


    Composite wood is the ideal type of material when it comes to foosball tables. This is because they don’t warp due to water or moisture. Plus, they are less prone to damages. If you’re going to get a composite wood, then we highly suggest that you get a thicker one. The thin versions do have higher durability than other types, but they can still break.

    Solid Wood

    Solid wood is also a good option for most foosball tables. They are durable, long-lasting, and are perfect for game rooms. However, they tend to be very heavy and can be challenging to move and build.

    Table Surface

    Table Surface

    When choosing a foosball table, you’ll want a smooth, hard surface. This will help you play without any issues. The thicker versions also have better balance and tend to prevent the ball from getting stuck. If you’ve ever been in an arcade, then you have probably experienced the uneven tables. Getting foosball table with glass top can help prevent this.


    Rods that are made from steel tend to be the best. Although you should always look for rods that have rubber over the top. Either that or find ones with enhanced gripping mechanisms. This helps you keep your hand steady when you’re in an intense match.


    The legs of a table can vary in height depending on what type of foosball table you get. The average height is 36 inches, but some are smaller. Children sized ones or compact models tend to be less than 20 inches. If you’re planning on getting a smaller one, we suggest finding a table with levelers and adjustable height.

    Number of Players

    Foosball is a type of game where only two people play at one time. Some foosball tables do have the ability to play single-player. With a single-player, a guard will block the opposite side and prevent the ball from going into the goal.

    How to Choose the Best Foosball Table

    As previously listed, there are different types of goalies depending on if you get the American or European version. Which one you would prefer would highly depend on what kind of game experience you’re looking for. In general, people enjoy the American version due to the game going quicker and being more intense. Although, if you’re looking for more traditional style play, then we recommend the European version.


    The players of foosball are called “men.” The foosball men should include counterweight, as this will help them stand upright. Keeping them in this position enables you to have more control while you’re playing. If not, then you’ll find it a bit more challenging to maneuver the men while you’re shooting.

    As for the material of the players, then you’ll need to consider your playstyle carefully. Many players tend to prefer plastic men as they are lightweight and easier to push around. However, the metal types are generally better in the long run due to increased durability.

    Best Foosball Table Types

    You may be wondering if there are multiple types of foosball game tables, and there is. There are three different types, and each of them has their own unique experience. Here’s a quick overview of the three different types we’ve found for foosball table reviews.

    Stand-Alone Foosball Table

    The stand-alone foosball tables are the ones that you see on TV or in bars. These are stand-alone and have all the features you’d want in a foosball table. However, they are extraordinarily stationary and can’t be moved. The positive is that they are very durable and are often recommended for homeowners or competitive players.

    Tabletop Foosball Table

    Tabletop Foosball Table

    The tabletop versions are portable ones. They are compact, lightweight, and are easy to use. Luckily, they don’t miss out on any features and are perfect for those wanting to bring something fun for a crowd.

    Multi-Game Foosball Table

    Foosball multi game tables are perfect for those wanting a 4 in 1 foosball table game station. These types include either air hockey, , foosball,or pool all in one table. They are perfect for man caves or entertainment centers. If you’re a business owner, they can provide your guests with multiple options for fun using the Best Air Hockey Table.

    Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2022

    A foosball table is an excellent addition to any entertainment space as it allows you to experience tabletop soccer. There are many buying considerations that you need to be aware of because of the different types of foosball tables. Remember that a foosball table should cost a decent amount of money as the materials will correlate with durability. If you’re planning on using it frequently, then a high-quality foosball table model that can put up with competitive play is recommended. Also, remember that we also wrote about the Best Table Tennis Table.

    That being said, the number one rated foosball table on our list was the Best Choice Products Foosball Table. It included a beautiful wooden exterior that outclassed many of the others on our list. While it did take up a lot of space, we still think that the table itself has all the features you would want, including cup holders. It is a versatile game set that’s perfect for game rooms, arcades, and man caves. If you’re looking for a player-friendly design, this unit is easy to pick up and play. There are four rows per team, which equals 11 people per team. Hopefully, Parent-hood-routine helped you explore the best foosball table 2022 has to offer and at least given you one idea of which foosball table you’d like to buy.

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