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Best Pool Table Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated: 21 March 2023

So you went out recently, and the spark for the pool is still there. It has just crossed your mind that you could get a pool table of your own and you are now considering your options. Going out with a friend to your local pool joint is not the worst time out but it could be better. You could have a pool table right outside your bedroom and you could invite friends over every time you shoot some pool.

What is a Slate Pool Table

But now we are going to pose a question. Are you going to use a pool table regularly, or is this just a fad? Are you still going to be passionate about your pool table for three months from now? If you do not have a solid yes answer to these questions, then we suggest you sleep on it for a few months. However, if you are certain that a pool table in your house is the thing you need, we are going to assist you in making the best possible decision. Keep reading our article in order to figure out what the best pool table 2023 is and find out some tips and tricks from our editors.

TOP 4 Best Pool Table

  • Best Overall: Barrington 100-Inch Wooden Game Room Pool Table
  • Best Folding Legs Pool Table: RACK Crux Folding Billiard/Pool Table
  • Best Pool Table for Kids: Costzon Pool Game Table
  • Best Mini Pool Set: Mini Tabletop Pool Set
  • Comparison Chart

    Top Full-sized Table - Barrington 100-Inch Wooden Game Room Pool Table
    659 Reviews
    Top Full-sized Table - Barrington 100-Inch Wooden Game Room Pool Table

    The Barrington Hatherley has put out a premium billiard pool table as they are known to do. The pool table we are featuring will single-handedly boost your game room and greatly improve your entertainment options with just one purchase. This awesome set includes 22 premium-quality pieces to complete every game room

    Why We Like It

    • Walnut veneer coupled with drop pockets made out of leather
    • 2 cues and all the other accessories required for a game of pool included
    • Carved hardwood legs to increase the old-fashioned feel the table has
    • 50% wool felt slate that is 25mm thick and k66 cushioned bumpers
    RACK Crux Folding Billiard/Pool Table
    381 Reviews
    RACK Crux Folding Billiard/Pool Table

    The compact design and ease of storage make this folding pool table a great candidate for houses that do not have enough room for a full-sized pool table. You would be amazed to find out in what places you can install this table. The sleek design makes it a great addition to any room regardless of décor. The perfect size and build for younger players that are just getting the hang of the game. It comes equipped with everything required in order to play a pool game.

    The fast playing surface, unlike the smaller sized pool tables we have reviewed. It offers everything a full-sized billiards table can offer while also saving space.


    • Innovative design and surprising portability
    • Space-saving
    • Locking mechanism makes sure the table is stable, and you will be able to perform any shots regardless of force used
    • Sturdy with a well-built frame


    • Storage bag not included for the accessories
    Costzon Pool Game Table Review
    484 Reviews
    Costzon Pool Game Table Review

    If you do not have a game room or a recreational room, then the pool table from Costzon could be a great choice. It is the ideal pool table for children and can be stored under a bed or placed inside a closet. Kids of all ages can play and get better at the game of pool. Using pool tables with ping pong is one of the best ways to developed hand-eye coordination and teamwork. It is so easy to set up that the kids will be able to do it on their own whenever they feel like playing.


    • 47” L x 25” W x 27” H
    • Two whitewood 36” cues included
    • The whole table weighs 33 lbs
    • High-quality materials that make for a sturdy pool table


    • You should allocate one hour to installing the pool table. The good news is that kids can assemble the table without adult supervision
    Mini Tabletop Pool Set Review
    3,981 Reviews
    Mini Tabletop Pool Set Review

    A mini pool set that will guarantee hours of fun. Very well made with a great design will keep you and your kids entertained. Heavy pool cues and actual pool balls are also included in the package. While it is smaller than the other entries on our list, this will not stop you from having fun and enjoying a game of pool. The table is made using wood and you can also find the green felt that can be found on regulation size billiard tables.

    Due to its fantastic price, this is a strong competitor to the first pool table you will purchase for your kids. Sturdy enough that it will last until they get better at the game and will require a regulation-size pool table.


    • Small and portable and it can even be installed in your kid's room
    • Sturdy enough that adults can enjoy a game of pool
    • 12.25” W x 20.25” L x 3.5” H
    • Triangle rack, a table brush, and chalk are included


    • While it is sturdy enough to last if you take care of it, we do not recommend it for destructive children

    Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the Best Pool Table

    Difference Between Pool and Billiards Tables

    Difference Between Pool and Billiards Tables

    Most people use the term billiards and pool to express the same thing. And it’s not incorrect because the game of pool evolved out of the game of billiards. Therefore, the pool is a variation of the billiards game. Billiards is played on a table without pockets using three balls; two white balls (one with a black spot) and a red ball. On the other hand, the pool is played with 6 pockets on the table and 9 to 15 balls plus the white cue ball. The 9 to 15 number of balls depending on the variation you choose to play. Both billiards and pool are different games played on a cloth-covered table. They are closely related and one of them has evolved from the other but they are different cue sports.

    The word “billiard” comes from the French word “billart” that just happens to mean “mace”. And this is because, at the inception of the game, they were using a mace instead of a cue stick.

    How Much Space Does a Pool Table Need

    The goal is to be comfortable when placing the cue stick and striking the cue ball. In order to achieve this minimum clearance required is about 5 feet from the table to a wall. So overall, we suggest that you allocate 10 feet on top of the table’s dimensions. This should be enough so that you can enjoy a proper game of pool.

    What is a Slate Pool Table

    A slate pool table is a pool table that has a large slab of slate under the felt. Traditionally the billiards table has been made using such a large slab of slate. Slate is a rock that naturally splits into large flat segments. It is bluish-gray in color and it can be polished and grounded into a perfectly flat surface after it has been split into a flat segment. Due to the fact that it is quite easy to polish into a flat surface, it has been sought after in order to create a pool table.

    Pool Table Maintenance

    Pool Table Maintenance

    As you have probably gathered so far, buying a pool table will not be a small investment if you want a great product. And with all large investments, you want to do your best in order to preserve the said investment. There are a few easy steps that you need to follow if you want to make sure that your pool table will be maintained in its initial state for a long period of time.

    The most important aspect of pool table maintenance starts from the cloth. It will be the most important and the most common task that you will need to perform in order to keep the table up and running. You will need to keep the cloth clean from dust, chalk, and any other foreign material that might get on the table.

    Having any debris on the cloth could also impede your concentration when trying to make a difficult shot. So we suggest you purchase a high-quality brush and make it a habit to gently brush the table before or after you are done playing. You can also use a small portable vacuum coupled with the brush to remove all unwanted materials. Do not let it suck on the cloth but instead gently cruise above the cloth. Since the pockets are made from leather, you will want to clean them with a cloth so that they do not dry out and the leather could crack.

    How to Choose the Best Pool Table

    How to Choose the Best Pool Table


    You know how they say “the bigger, the better”. Well, this holds true for pool tables. The only thing you need to consider is the fact that in order to host a pool table, you also need to allocate enough space in order to shoot. And you need to have space all around the table not just on the two larger sides. The professional size pool tables come at 8’ x 4’ and can be considered a full-size pool table or regulation pool table. And the table size from your local bar is at 7’ x 3’.6”. We know that if you have the space required, you will go for the professional size pool table. The best pool table brands will all have 7’ and 8’ available for purchase.

    However, there is one important aspect you need to keep in mind. The 7-foot pool table will be the one that you will play on with your friends when you go out for a drink. And if you play on an 8’ at home, you will take some time to accommodate the smaller sized table. So if you are like us, eager to always crush the opposition, you could consider getting a 7’ at home so that you are familiar with it and train on the same surface that you will play on versus your friends.


    There is only one question that you need to keep in mind as far as weight is concerned. Do you plan on purchasing a slate pool table, or will you go for a non-slate pool table instead? If you chose the latter and you plan to install it upstairs, then you need to check if your house can sustain anywhere between 700 to 1000 lbs. Another important aspect to consider is the fact that you will not be able to move it around the house unless you plan for it well in advance. Taking the table apart is not that difficult but the slate cannot be taken apart.

    If you plan on going for a non-slate pool table, we have good news. You can expect the heaviest models to not go above 300lbs. You can even move such a table without disassembling. Only the rails and legs should be taken apart and with the aid of another friend, you could move it to a different room in a matter of minutes.

    Playing area

    Playing area

    It’s no surprise that the playing area is directly correlated to the initial size of the pool table. We will look into the 8’ and the 7’ tables for comparison. The 8 ft typical home table has a playing area of 88” x 44”. The 7 ft table comes in two variants – the massive “bar box” or just “bar box”. They are 78-82” x 39-41” respectively 74-78” x 37-39”. When choosing the playing areas, consider the pool table with ball return at your local bar so that you will be able to transition smoothly from home to bar play.

    Pool Table bed material


    The slate pool table bed is the industry standard for high-quality pool tables. It’s a piece of rock that can be up to an inch thick, extracted from slate mines. After the extraction, a machine cuts it up to size and it is further mechanically altered in order to create a perfectly flat surface. Afterward, it is fixed within the pool table and the green cloth will cover it.


    The MDF or non-slate pool table will serve the same purpose as the slate pool table bed. The only difference is that it is not made out of the rock, but instead, it is made out of wood chips bound together by resin and wax. The only real advantage it has over the slate pool bed is that it will always be completely flat. Other than that, the slate bed is much more suitable for competitive play.

    Felt/Cloth Color

    The felt color is mostly a matter of preference, but nobody can say that black pool tables felt doesn’t look amazing. However, some colors tend to indicate certain types of tables. For example, snooker tables are always red pool tables. The most common pool table cloth colors are green and blue. The color does not influence performance. You can choose from a variety of colors – up to 25. If you would like to change the color of your current felt, you can order online and install it yourself.


    Rails are placed all around the interior of a home pool table. They are anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5 inches in width.


    The bumpers are placed on the exterior of the rails. They are made out of rubber and are designed to have the ball ricochet. You want to have the same bumper density all around the pool table, or else your trick shots will be far harder to accomplish.

    Ease of Installation

    how big is a pool table

    Sure, you could hire a professional to install your modern pool table. But what’s the fun in that? Plus, it’s not such a difficult task and you can do it yourself easily if you pay a little attention. All it takes is a little know-how and two to four hours. However, when it comes to slate bed pool tables, you will need to call a few friends because there is no way you can move the slate on your own. If your friends are eager to help, then it is easy peasy lemon squeezy from there onwards. Convertible pool tables are even easier to install and the installation can be completed in less than 30 minutes.


    All the pool tables we have featured on our list come with accessories included. However, the market is filled to the brim with accessories that could improve your game. If you want to keep your pool table in tip-top shape, we suggest that the first accessory purchase will be a brush and a tube of felt cleaner. If you are used to playing with a bridge and your current purchase does not include such a piece, then do not panic. You can find not only bridge sticks online but there is also a large selection of bridgeheads. While browsing for accessories, you might also be interested in checking out the best table tennis table.


    Just as with size, the price bracket is broken in two based on the pool table bed material. If you want to have a slate bed pool table, you will need to shell out considerably more cash than for the MDF models. Other than that, it’s all a matter of preference and brand loyalty.

    Best Pool Table Types

    Budget Pool Tables

    Budget pool tables are generally smaller in size than the professional size pool tables. You can expect most models to be around 40”. The cheap pool tables featured on our list are predominantly budget pool tables, so you have a great selection available. Budget pool tables are generally designed with children in mind and unless you build a pedestal, they will be very close to the ground.

    Mid-grade Pool Tables

    Mid-grade pool tables are the stepping stone between the budget pool tables and professional pool tables. They are generally smaller in size compared to the professional-grade tables. You can also expect the quality of materials used to be inferior. Some mid-grade pool table model available is the glass pool table.

    Professional Pool Tables

    Professional Pool Tables

    Professional pool tables are 8 ft in size, and they are used for competitions. Another variety of professional pool tables are the snooker tables that are 12 ft in size. Professional pool table manufacturers use the best quality material so that the variance is as low as possible.

    Tabletop Pool Tables

    The tabletop pool table or folding pool table is meant to be installed on top of a piece of furniture around the house because they do not come equipped with legs. The foldable pool table is generally a lower quality than all the other options we have featured on our pool table review so far and can be considered small pool tables. They are also known as a pool table with tabletop if you want to find more information about them online.


    How Much Does a Pool Table Weight?

    A slate top pool table will weigh anywhere between 700 pounds and can reach up to 1000 pounds. The weight is based on the size and dramatically depends based on the inclusion of a slate or not. Pool tables without a slate generally weigh no more than 300 lbs. Tabletop pool tables tend to weigh even less and can be no heavier than 100 pounds.

    How to Set a Pool Table?

    If you are not playing professionally, there is room for small mistakes when it comes to setting up the pool table balls. Make sure that you have the 8-ball in the middle of the pack and start off with the 1-ball at the front. You are aiming at not having stripes and solids next to each other. This will prove to be a difficult task at the beginning so just aim for having solids and stripes at the corners. Swirl the balls around while maintaining them in place and lift the rack. You can now begin playing! For other amazing and engaging games that you can play at home with your family, do check out the best foosball table article.

    How Big is a Pool Table?

    The pool table is as big as you want it to be based on your chosen model. Children sized cool pool tables start at around 40” and the professional sized pool tables reach up to 8 ft. Anything in between is a matter of preference. Do make sure that you check exactly how large the pool table is so that you can be certain that it will fit in your recreational room.

    How to Level a Pool Table?

    Playing area

    You want a pool table as leveled as possible so that there is little variance in how the balls roll. Having an upper tilt means that your pool game will not be fun because you cannot control the balls properly. A carpenter’s level will be required to figure out if the pool table is even. You will need to perform a thorough inspection of the entire table using the carpenter’s level. If the surface is uneven, then you will need to raise one of the legs in order to balance it out.

    Best Way to Clean Table Felt

    We strongly suggest that you go out and get yourself a very high-quality brush. You can find cleaning products in specialized shops. Make sure that you do not overload the table with a cleaning product. Let the cleaning product go deep in the felt and after gently using the brush. You can also use a small portable vacuum after you have used the brush. Make sure that you do not press the vacuum on the felt surface. Rather gently keep it half an inch away and let it collect the small particles. This job will be tedious but you have to do it as often as the table gets dirty. If you do not, then you could be forced to replace the felt and that will run you anywhere between 100$ and 300$.

    Why are Pool Tables Green?

    Green is indeed the most used color when it comes to pool tables. And there is a very interesting and historical reason for this very fact. As we covered earlier, pool originates from the French billiards game. And in the early phase, the billiards game was played outside. It involved sticks and balls and it was played on the grass. It is only natural that as soon as they moved indoors, they tried to replicate the color of grass due to familiarity.

    Can Pool Tables be Kept Outside?

    If you have purchased an indoor pool table, then it is strongly advised against taking it anywhere near the outdoors. However, there are outdoor pool tables available for purchase. Mini pool tables are best suited for outdoor play. A better suited outdoor game that you can play outside would be air hockey. Head over to our best air hockey table review to get further inspired.

    Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2023

    The task was not easy. We have had a large variety of great products to go over. However, as competitive as the review process as we have a clear winner: Barrington Pool Table. As far as we are concerned, this is the best possible pool table you can purchase on the market in 2023. Its versatility is unmatched and nobody can deny the fact that it is a great entry-level pool table. The pool table is designed with both kids and adults in mind. You will be surprised as to how soon your kids will fall in love with this pool table. The team at strongly believes that this article will be of great aid and we hope that you make the correct choice with the best pool table 2023. Rack ‘em up!

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