When Can Baby Use Bouncer: Tips For Caring Parents

When Can Baby Use Bouncer: Tips For Caring Parents
Last Updated: 03 August 2021

Children bring so much joy and happiness to parents’ life! It’s amazing to watch them grow, teaching them new things, talk to them. However, you, as a parent, have tough moments too – fatigue, lack of time, lots of house chores, work, other family members who want a piece of your attention. How to handle all that stuff?

door bouncer for babies

Don’t panic! All you need is several good helpers which can soothe or entertain your little wee while you are busy, and one of them is the best baby bouncer or a bouncy chair. It’s a fantastic item if you want to free your hands. Let’s take a closer look and get to know a baby bouncer seat age.

What Is A Baby Bouncer

The best baby bouncer is a chair or a seat that sits low to the floor; it provides a safe and comfortable environment for your little one. Such a chair has a sturdy, durable frame and soft, adjustable, reclining seat, which bounces when the child kicks. It is relatively compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to move around the house.

What are the advantages of using a baby bouncer? Well, there are lots of them for both children and parents!

  • Your little one can be safely placed in this device, while you are doing your chores or just having some time for yourself. It gives you a bit of freedom.
  • The best baby bouncer can soothe, relax your baby and rock him/her to sleep. Or, on the contrary, it can entertain the little mover while he/she is awake; just make sure the device has accessories and extra features (a toy bar, music, etc.)
  • Babies like kicking and bob up & down their bouncer – it amuses them
  • This unit is lightweight and portable, you can even pack it for your long-distance travel.
  • The best baby bouncer is relatively inexpensive, it may cost even less than a high chair. So, it gives you lots of benefits while there is no need to invest much.

A lot of parents wonder “Can baby sleep in a bouncer?” Experts do not recommend a night sleep in this unit, but infants can take a daytime nap there. Happy parents report that little ones sleep tighter and longer in a bouncer.

What Does A Bouncer Do

Generally speaking, the best baby bouncer relaxes and/or entertains a little wee. But

there are various types of units available on the market, which do a different job. Let’s distinguish them.

what does a bouncer do
  • Basic type – a child bounces by kicking or parents move it manually. It doesn’t have extra features or accessories, that’s why it’s lightweight, compact and portable. This type can make an excellent infant bouncer.
  • Door bouncer for babies – this type is meant for children older than 6 months. Such an item teaches a baby to control body movements; children have so much fun thanks to these bouncers!
  • Baby activity bouncers – it is an automatic baby bouncer which boasts lots of features and accessories; it can entertain or soothe a child, depending on what you need. You’d better choose vibrating baby bouncer – it comforts a little one and gets him/her to sleep.

You should also know the difference between a rocker and a bouncer. The best baby rocker swings back and forth while your little one is lying back and resting. However, the best baby bouncer combines features of a rocker, swing, and bouncer.

Are Baby Bouncers Safe?

These units are meant for newborns, and, yes, they are safe. However, you, as a caring parent have to know the most important baby bouncer safety rules. Here they are:

are baby bouncers safe
  • Never ever leave your little one unattended! Do not rely on the chair too much! Mostly, accidents happen when no one is around.
  • A unit must have a 3-5 point harness to prevent a child from falling out
  • Never put a chair on the soft or raised surface! The baby kicks to bounce and might tip over or drop off the edge.
  • Never hold an item by a toy bar when you carry it with your little one sitting in!

What Age Can Baby Use A Bouncer?

The best baby bouncers are perfect for newborns, no need to wait until a certain age. Reclined seat and safety harness will keep your little one secured. However, you should read the manufacturers’ recommendations to learn if there are any restrictions for use. How long do babies use bouncers? Mainly, basic bouncers are designed only for infants up to 6 months, or until they can sit. Plus, all models have weight and height restrictions, consider them too; and if your little one overgrows the chair, it’s time to retire it.

However, there are toddler bouncers available on the market. You can choose the unit which will grow with your child – a bouncer that converts into a swing chair for toddlers.

What To Consider When Selecting Baby Bouncer

When you are buying the best baby bouncer for your little wee, there are various designs, features and accessories to be considered. It’s better to buy a brand-new model rated by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, it means that the unit is ultimately safe.

Consider the following criteria when you are going to buy a baby bouncer. It must have:

  • 3 or 5 point harness
  • Durable, sturdy and wide frame
  • Comfy, padded, supportive and soft seat; it’s even better if it has a bolster
  • Wide range of moving patterns – rocking, swinging, gliding, vibrating – the more, the better
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Entertaining options – toy bar, music, sounds, etc.
  • The power source – batteries or electricity


When Can Baby Sit In Bouncer?

A baby can sit in the bouncer only if it’s a convertible model suitable for newborns and toddlers. When your little one can sit upright, convert a bouncer into a rocker and let him/her rest in it.

automatic baby bouncers

Why Do Babies Like Vibrating Seats?

Vibrations soothe and relax infants, and they sleep better.

When Can Baby Go In Exersaucer?

Do not place your little one into an exersaucer until he/she can sit upright without assistance. Most children can use this item when they are 6-7 months.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Write in the comment section what bouncer you have chosen and what features are the most important for you.

We, at parenthoodroutine.com, are always here to help you with all parenting issues.

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