Best Mother’s Advice for When Can Babies Have Juice

Best Mother’s Advice for When Can Babies Have Juice
Last Updated: 03 August 2021

It’s about that time in your child’s life when you begin to wonder when can babies drink juice? This is a good indicator that your child is developing, but you wouldn’t want to start feeding them unnecessary foods that might be harmful to them at a particular age. Since caution is predominantly key at this stage, medics have had to change this prescription for the ages to start giving tots juice – all for good reason of course.

This article is meant to help ease your worries. It is important to note that even though we might be definite in our conclusions of at what age can babies have juice, you should be careful to monitor the physical development of your kid in particular. Only when you’ve understood the baby food stages will you be in a safe place to decide on the best baby food maker. Read on for more and you can reach out to us should you have any pending questions. Our community is more than happy to assist in any and every way possible.

When Can Babies Drink Juice?

Parents consider a lot of factors when determining the right period to give juice to their infants. Not only do they consider the right age for this but also the healthiest juice for kids. How much juice is enough? Is fruit juice healthy or are there better alternatives out there? These are all reasonable questions seeing they won’t be depending on your milk or formulae for much longer – their growing bodies will demand more nutrients.

The best answer for when do babies start drinking juice would be above one year. Previously, doctors had no problem with infants above six months to be introduced to healthy fruit juice formula, but as information is growing and more research is being conducted, pediatrics discovered a few flows with that recommendation. This is the period when the babies’ teeth are starting to develop and exposure to sugars may cause poor oral health at this stage.

Furthermore, giving baby juice at such an early age has the potential of diverting their attention and focus from breastmilk and formula to a replacement with whatever fruit juice you choose to give them. This not only deprives them of a variety of nutrients and fibers, but it also makes them susceptible to illnesses through addiction. After 6 months, you can give them occasional mashed fruit or in puree form. Continually monitor your kid once you start giving them the healthiest juice as you make use of the best baby food maker.

Talking of the healthiest juice for kids, what options should you be considering which will yield the best energy and health results?

Prune Juice for Kids

Now that you know when can babies have juice, the next reasonable question would be, which juice in particular?

prune juice for babies

According to the journal publication about fruit juice for kids, homemade fruit juice is described as being 100% fruits only. Buying these from outside sources may present the risk of additional flavors and sweeteners which you want to fully avoid at this particular stage. So, what kind of juice is best for babies at this particular age?

Prune juice falls first in our list and rightfully so. Rich in vitamin A and C, potassium and iron, giving baby prune juice promises to ease cases of constipation in kids from their rich fiber content. You will need to make use of your best baby food maker or a food processor or blender to make a fine puree. How much prune juice to give to the baby depends on their consumption level and age. But starting with a quarter-cupful for the first few months will make prune juice for infants yield better nutritional results.

When Can Babies Have Apple Juice?

Other than prune juice for babies, apple is another fruit that will enrich your infants with multiple nutrients. This should be around the time you are considering glass vs plastic baby bottles for their extra drinks. From around 6-8 months, you can introduce not more than 4 ounces of apple juice for babies.

This does less harm to the infant since it has natural sugars and has the same benefits as eating raw apples. Mix the baby juice with water using a ratio of 1:1 and use sippy cups to feed them juice rather than bottles. Some parents have been known to use apple juice for babies’ constipation and it works! Others, nevertheless, have their premonitions. Can apple juice cause diaper rash? Yes, it has been known to because of the excessive sugars in it. That is why you need to mix equally with water to avoid this.

when can babies have orange juice

When Can Babies Have Orange Juice?

Whereas homemade juice for babies is generally a good idea for their general development, some are actually harmful to them at a certain age. Orange juice for babies might be associated with vitamin C, essential nutrients and fibers, but it also has higher levels of acidity than most fruits and thus not recommended below 1 year of age. This should be around the time when you are learning how to make baby cereal. So, when can babies have orange juice? Not a day less than their first birthday.

Homemade Juice for Baby

homemade juice for baby

One strong point dieters and nutritionists emphasize on when parents start considering homemade juice for infants is the preparation method. Generally, this is a much-preferred method due to hygiene and nutrition purposes – since processed juice may have additives. Nonetheless, it is important to pasteurize the baby juice to make it healthier for them to consume it. Even if you make use of the best baby food maker, you still need to boil the fruit juice lightly to kill all bacteria.

How Much Juice Should a Baby Drink

We commenced by stating the harm children are exposed to when they start using fruit juice. Parents are often led to believe in some ‘insanely-medical’ positivity of supplemental fluids for youngsters by advertising agencies which more often than not is against the actual medical recommendation. Disregarding what age can you give a baby juice, some go the extra mile to expose their kids to more than 19oZ of juicy drinks in a day. This is dangerous as it contributes to gastrointestinal challenges such as abdominal pain, excessive gas, bloating, diarrhea and even weight gain. Always consult your baby doctor to get the right recommendation for the proper quantities of different baby juices.

how much juice should a baby drink

How long is juice good for is dependent on the methods of preservation used. If you intend to make a large quantity to last long, put your prepared concoction in the freezer. Do not stop giving them healthy drinks and foods even after you’ve learned how to make baby food.

Get in touch with communities for mothers such as which will surely help you out along every stage of your infant’s development. Here, you can also share your burdens and that alone will have them half-solved.

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