Best-selling Types of Blankets in 2022

Best-selling Types of Blankets in 2022
Last Updated: 09 June 2022

Do you wonder why you feel no comfort on your bed every night? Or you are not satisfied with your condition while you sleep in winter. Your first approach should be getting a perfect blanket for every season. You have a special seasonal dress, why should you forget your blanket?

Your blanket contributes to your dream life and coziness; you must take good care of it and buy the best one for every climate season. If a good day starts with your sleep experience, then it is safe to say that the best kind of dream is had under a very cozy blanket. There are numerous types of blankets in the market today. To know which one is best for which season is not an easy task. Thus, we have here a piece of comprehensive and handy information on questions relating to your choice of blankets.

Types of Blankets for Your Bed

Your blanket is not just another piece of bedroom clothing. Do you know that climate season dictates the types of blankets for your bed? Do you also know that each type of blankets you buy has its own advantages and disadvantages? There are different types of blankets in the market today: the common choices of blankets are quilt, duvet, and comforter. If you donโ€™t know the difference, the information here explains the difference together with their advantages and drawbacks.

what is a bed comforter

What is a bed comforter?

Bed comforters are thick types of blankets for beds that are filled with evenly distributed synthetic fibers or (less commonly wool) quilted or stitched to secure the bed filling in order to keep you warm on the bed. It is, without a doubt, one of the most common types of blankets in North America. It comes in different sizes, patterns, and colors that you can choose from whenever you are ready to purchase. The bed comforter forms one piece of your bed linens, and it is very easy to wash.

What is a bed duvet cover?

The bed duvet cover is a thick blanket that is filled with fluffy material quilted together to evenly distribute the filling. A duvet cover can be filled with down, wool, synthetic fibers, or feathers. It is very easy for you to mistake a duvet for a comforter because the bed duvet is similar in structure to the bed comforter. The major difference between comforter and duvet is that a duvet is usually plain white that has a protective duvet cover while a comforter is a patterned blanket. One major advantage of a duvet is that you do not need to wash as regular as a comforter because you can wash the cover instead.

what is quilt cover

What is a quilt cover?

The quilt cover blanket is a three-layer quilted thin blanket. The first layer is made of different collections of fabric pieces that are stitched together to create an artistic pattern for the blanket. The inner layer, which is the second layer, is a thin layer of down or wool that is followed by a third layer, which is a single piece of fabric.

Traditionally, quilt covers are solely handmade crafted pieces, but in contemporary days as this, they are lightweight machine-printed sewn material. The quilt covers are not the warmest type of blanket but are very suitable for mild winters and summer seasons.

Types of Blankets for Your House

The use of a blanket is not limited to your bedroom only. For coziness and absolute all-season comfort, you should get handy blankets for your sofas, chair, and general house use. Isnโ€™t it weird for you to use your bed blanket in the car during winter? We have identified the necessary blanket you will need around the house below; they include a throw blanket, electric blanket, security blanket, and car blanket.

what is a throw blanket

What is a throw blanket?

Throw blanket types are a perfect fit blanket that you can easily use on the sofa when you are a bit cold in the house. The throw blanket is a single sheet fabric made of materials like wool, polyester, flannel, or fleece. The throw blankets are versatile; you can use them to snuggle up on your sofa and even on your bed. For mild weather conditions, you can use a throw blanket only, but in very cold weather, the throw blanket is usually combined with other kinds of blankets for added warmth.

What is an electric blanket?

Electric blankets are types of blankets throw or bedspread that are made from sturdy, heavy, and thick material together with internal integrated wiring mechanics that will consistently provide heat and warmth you need through coil wires. They are usually made with a combination of polyester and acrylic material and are plugged into electrical outlets to power the heat source. The combination of polyester and acrylic is for the sole purpose of preventing potential fire hazards.

what is electric blanket

If you feel the chill in the air seeping into your bone in winter, this might be an indicator that you need to get an electric blanket. An electric blanket should complement the sources of heat in your house in winter. It cannot replace your heater because it cannot heat the atmosphere. The electric blanket is the best blanket for winter because it provides heat consistently during the cold season.

You can operate the electric blanket by selecting either a low, medium, or high option through the remote control. Usually, the electric bed is made in king or double size with the option of heat adjustment on each side of the bed. The types of electric blanket available in the market include the over blanket/duvet, the electric under-blanket, and electric throw blanket.

Security Blankets

Security blankets are majorly transitional blankets for children to help them develop independence and adapt to changes and weather uncertainty. They are soft blankets with soft toys attached to them to help your child transit the bedtime phase. The security blanket is the best baby blankets that help a child to deal with separation anxiety from mom and dad. The best baby blanket serves as a full-size blanket or a small piece of cloth children like to have with them.

Car Blankets

The car blankets are lightweight blankets made of extra comfy fabrics for use in the car. Will you be traveling on a very long journey or even the shortest trip during winter? Are you ready to protect your family in emergency situations? Your car heater might not be sufficient for you; you will need a blanket as one of the emergency supply kits.

Blanket Material Types

A common question people ask is: what are blankets made of? Blankets are made of several materials for specific needs and seasons of the year. The common blanket materials are down fleece, synthetic, wool, and cotton.

what is a bed duvet covers
  • Down: Down is the protective undercoat of ducks and geese with great insulating properties. The down material is considered as the most luxurious comforter and the best heated blanket in the market today. The fill power of the blanket material will determine how comfortable it will be. A high-quality down material has a fill power of 500 and more. If the weather is very cold, the 600 fill power will suffice for you.
  • Synthetic filling: For those on a budget and people with allergies, the synthetic material might be a good alternative for down. The synthetic types of blanket fabric do not have the filling power of down but will still keep you warm. To choose the best synthetic to ensure you do not go for the cheapest option to avoid fast lumping. A good synthetic you might consider is the Gel fibers.
  • Wool: The wool material is good because it is hypoallergenic and has a good moisture-wicking property. The wool blanket will keep you warm as a filling comforter and a throw blanket without making you sweaty. The wool blankets give warmth and comfort but can be hard to maintain because most wool is not washable in the machine. If you do not like hand washing, it is advisable you go for other types of blanket material.
  • Fleece: The fleece blankets are soft to touch blanket and cuddy clothing. Naturally fleece blanket is not breathable, but if you go for high-quality fleece, some have been designed to wick away moisture.
  • Cotton: The cotton blankets are the most breathable blanket, but they warm less in a cold climate. Cotton blankets are not the best type of blanket for winter but will be a fantastic option for summer because it has a less insulating ability.

Wrapping It Up

You should not tuck into just any cloth at home; you deserve the best blanket. Your blanket will complement the soft and comfy feeling of your bed sheet. So when you are thinking of buying a colorful bedsheet, think of a complementary and cozy blanket. The best quality blankets are always soft, cuddly, and fresh. At, we recommend that you go for a high-quality blanket and not just cheap material you find on the road-side store.

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