Which Baby Swing is the Best for Your Child: Mamaroo or Rockaroo?

Last Updated: 21 March 2023
4moms mamaroo

Parents browsing for swings, rockers, and bouncers for their little ones often come across the highly reputed brand - 4moms. Two of their best-selling baby swings are Mamaroo and Rockaroo. And it’s uneasy to choose between mamaroo or rockaroo because both are really versatile and comfortable, We’ve decided to help our readers, and make our own mamaroo vs. rockaroo review will compare both the products and decide which one rates higher, making the decision easier for you.

What is the 4moms brand?

Since its foundation in 2005, the 4moms brand has been making life easier for infants, preschool toddlers, and future moms. The brainchild of two talented individuals – Robert Daley and Henry Thorne, this brand specializes in marketing innovative, technology-oriented baby gear, such as bassinets and baby bathtubs.

Rockaroo overview

4moms rockaRoo Baby Swing
  • Front to back gliding motion
  • Compact size; 1/3 the size of traditional swings
  • 5 speeds
  • MP3 compatible
  • Toy mobile with reversible, removable toys
One of the best baby swing models out there, 4moms rockaroo is compact and designed to fit small or congested spaces. The weight of this swing is 17.5 pounds. The dimensions are 27.5 x 29.6 x 16.5 inches. Here are some features of the 4moms rockaroo swing which you should check out:
mamaroo and rockaroo differences
  • You can switch the speed of the baby swing to any of the 5 available paces.
  • 4moms offers 2 main materials for the baby seat to choose from. Both can be washed in a machine. The classic fabric is grey colored and is made of woven polyester. The cool mesh variety, which is dark grey, is made porous to allow passage of air and maximizing the baby’s comfort.
  • With the MP3 Aux plug-in option, you can play your little one’s favorite jingles and songs by connecting the swing to your MP3 player.
  • The toys have two different colors on the sides, to make them more attractive to the child. All of these are placed in a toy mobile.
  • It’s energy-efficient and functions with electricity.

How does it move?

According to baby bouncer reviews, the Rockaroo glides back and forth and not sideways. Kind of like a rocking horse. Make sure that when you put your baby in it, they lie back in a relaxed position, to prevent the child, especially the ones younger than 4 months, from slouching or choking.

What size baby is it for?

Babies between 6 and 25 pounds can fit within this baby swing.

Overall Pros & cons

Thanks to several rockaroo reviews, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of using this model:
Pros Cons
  • Does not occupy as much space as traditional swings
  • The baby will remain entertained thanks to MP3 songs
  • You can set it up easily and also remove the cover for washing and disinfecting
  • It’s very lightweight
  • You can’t adjust the angle of the seat
  • Even the 5 different motions might be too fast for some children
  • It can’t be used without a connection to a power outlet
  • The motor is somewhat loud, with clicking noises

Mamaroo Overview

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing
2,526 Reviews
4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing
  • 5 unique motions & speeds
  • Bluetooth Enabled – control motion & sound
  • 4 built in sounds & MP3 plug-in
  • Smooth, woven nylon material
  • Machine washable seat fabric
Since its launch in 2015, the mamaroo swing has been so popular with parents, that the company has released 4 upgrades of the model by 2023. This infant seater has dimensions of 19.5 x 25.5 x 33 inches and weighs 19 pounds. The main features of Mamaroo are:
  • Five customized movements to choose from: car ride, Rockabye, wave, tree swing, and kangaroo.
  • baby in rockaroo swing
  • Can be controlled by Bluetooth.
  • You can adjust the recline of the baby seat.
  • 5 adjustable speed variations to swing the infant.
  • Attached toy mobile, which contains a rattle, crinkle, and mirror balls.
  • Features an MP3 AUX plugin.
  • Runs on electricity.

How does it move?

The best thing about this mamaroo swing is that it moves back and forth and side to side. It has been designed to imitate the movement of parents when they sway the infants, hence the name mamaroo.

What size baby is it for?

This baby swing can carry a child till it is 6 months of age. The weight limit is restricted to 25 pounds. Also important to mention that Mamaroo has been designed according to the specifications of the WHO Growth Chart.

Overall Pros & Cons

Here are a few pros and cons of the rocker gathered from various mamaroo reviews:
Pros Cons
  • The 5 different motions are more diverse and suited to provide maximum comfort to the baby
  • Apart from the MP3 feature, the four default sounds will also keep the little one calm
  • The Bluetooth feature allows the parents to remotely adjust the sounds and speed of the swing
  • You can make the seats fully reclined
  • There are five colors and designs to choose from
  • The mesh fabric allows airflow and can be removed and washed easily
  • If you want to upgrade, you have to spend more money on this already not a very cheap product
  • The mobile arm is fragile and needs to be handled carefully
  • Short power chord

Mamaroo vs. Rockaroo: The Comparison

The difference between mamaroo and rockaroo swing are:
Mamaroo Rockaroo
Built-in sound 4 Built-in sounds None
MP3 Compatible Yes Yes
Seat recline Can be adjusted Cannot be adjusted
Bluetooth Compatible Not compatible
Weight 19 pounds 16 pounds
Dimensions 33×19.5×25.5 inches 16.5×29.5×27.5 inches
Manual Option No No
But that’s not all for our research on the 4moms mamaroo vs rockaroo dilemma. Now, let’s check out the similarities and differences:
baby in mamaroo swing


  • Both of them can carry babies weighing up to 25 pounds, in compliance with WHO standards.
  • Both run on electricity and are compact.
  • Colorful toys to entertain the baby.
  • Machine-washable fabric.
  • MP3 compatible.

The key difference between mamaroo and rockaroo

  • Mamaroo is more expensive.
  • Rockaroo can swing only forwards and backward, while mamaroo can swing sideways too.
  • Unlike mamaroo, rockaroo does not have any default sounds.
  • Rockaroo does not have Bluetooth like Mamaroo. So you cannot control its motion or sound.

Are these swings useful for you and your baby?

4moms rockaroo2
We understand how relieved you would be to stop rocking your child in your arms and get some free time to get work done. For busy parents, especially the ones working from home, these swing-cum bouncers come as a great boon. Even though in the bouncer vs swing debate, bouncers are preferred for their ability to vibrate and lull the child into sleep, but mamaroo and rockaroo have the features of both a swing and a bouncer. These imitate the movement of the parents lulling the infants, so when the baby is put in mamaroo or rockaroo they won’t cry.


We hope that the information we’ve gathered was helpful and of use to you. So now that we’re at the end of our Mamaroo vs. rockaroo baby bouncer research, have you decided which one to pick for your kid(s) in 2023? Although it’s your choice, we believe that Mamaroo wins in the rockaroo vs mamaroo dilemma. It gives you so many additional facilities with only a slight price difference. You will be able to monitor the speed and the sound with Bluetooth and the entertainment options are also more diverse than that of Rockaroo, such as integrated lullaby sounds. No matter which one you choose, you will get your money’s worth. Also, please don’t forget to share your experience with these 4moms baby swings! We would love to hear them!
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