Your Comprehensive Guide On How To Use a Facial Brush

Your Comprehensive Guide On How To Use a Facial Brush
Last Updated: 07 April 2022

A brush for face washing is an amazing thing to make your skin even more beautiful, clear, shiny and smooth. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should! And in this post, we’ll tell about the reasons why you need it and teach you how to use a facial cleansing brush in the most effective way. In case you have used such an item but didn’t like it, probably, you tried the wrong type of face brush. Actually, there are various types: manual, electric, for sensitive, oily, dry skin, etc., and every woman can find that special item that will work for her best.

Our facial skincare experts researched and tested the best face brushes available on the market. Finally, we are ready to share this knowledge with our readers. Say hello to gorgeous, clear and smooth skin! Our main purpose here is to tell you how to use different types of best face brushes.

Benefits Of Using A Face Brush

The best face brushes can be used not only to clean the face but also the neck. They are made to remove a top layer of dead skin to improve its condition and tone. It’ll result in firmer, smoother, healthier, more lasting skin.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using a facial brush.

face brush
  • Сleansing brush for face cleans deeper and more thoroughly than a washcloth or your fingers. Bristles penetrate the skin better, eliminating more dort and oil.
  • The derma renews every 28 days and a face brush speeds up the process.
  • Exfoliation or peeling makes the skin firmer, clearer and reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Regular use of face brush detox your skin, making it smoother and more radiant.
  • Your skin will be well-prepared for your daily skincare routine; the lotion or other solution will be absorbed way better.
  • It’s a great anti-aging solution. As it was mentioned above, the best face brushes peel off dead cells from the skin, making it fresh and young in the most natural and affordable way.

Now when you know how beneficial this item can be, let’s get to know how to use an exfoliating face brush.

How To Use Facial Cleansing Brush

There are 2 main types of these tools available on the market: manual and electric. The first step to the proper cleaning is to choose the right item according to your skin type and personal needs. A manual brush might be a bit softer and you’ll have better control over it. An electric device is more effective and you can choose a brush head suitable for your complexion.

how to use electric face brush

Despite facial brushes are very effective, there are situations when you should avoid using them. If you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or if the face is sunburned – peeling is a no-no. Also, do not overstimulate the skin when the derma is prone to acne. In case you are not sure what type of brush or a brush head to choose, consult a dermatologist; he/she will determine your skin type and help to figure out which cleaning item is the best for you.

Before cleaning your face and neck, remove the makeup with the help of a solution and a pad. For this goal you can also use mareup removing wipes.

Makeup Remover Cleansing Face Wipes by Neutrogena
  • Twin pack of 25 count soft, pre-moistened Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Face Wipes to remove makeup and effectively cleanse skin in 1 easy step
  • Makeup remover facial Towelettes work to dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and makeup on the skin, for superior cleansing and makeup removing power at your fingertips
  • Removes even stubborn waterproof mascara—with these eye makeup remover wipes which are specially formulated to be gentle on the eyes, so they're suitable enough for contact lens wearers
  • Makeup remover wipes are disposable and thoroughly cleanse skin and leave behind no heavy residue, so there's no need to rinse. These wipes are the perfect addition to your at-home cleansing skin care routine
  • Facial cleansing wipes feature an alcohol-free formula to cleanse while also being gentle on the face, and are ophthalmologist-, dermatologist-, and allergy-tested

How To Use Electric Face Brush

It’s not a complicated routine at all! Follow the next steps:

cleansing brush for face
  • As we already know, we start from the removing makeup
  • Wet the tool under the running water
  • Apply some cleanser. Do not use a scrub or treatment with abrasive particles.
  • You can wet the face too (but it’s optional) – it allows gliding the item smoothly, so we prefer doing it.
  • Start working with an electric face brush in small circular motions, do not press it over your face, let the bristles clean your face delicately.
  • Continue to move in circular and clean the face, then the neck.
  • Do not use the item across the delicate areas of the face: around the eyes, over the lips.
  • Do not hold the tool over one spot for too long, move it across the face.
  • Do not use the item for more than 1 minute.
  • Rinse the solution off your face with lukewarm water and splash onto it cold water to seal and tighten the pores.

Overall, this procedure must feel like a gentle massage, it’s enjoyable. If you use the right type of brush head, it won’t irritate the skin.

how to use a manual facial brush

How To Use A Manual Facial Brush

Using a manual face brush is even easier. The rules are the same as for electric items, just remember to apply a little more pressure when you clean the forehead, nose, and chin since these areas are not that sensitive and accumulate more dirt and grease.

If you are a newbie, you’d rather start from a manual brush because it allows better control, is less irritating to the skin, and far cheaper than the electric device. All these factors make the manual item a perfect thing to start from. After you and your skin get accustomed to it, you can switch to an electric brush to make cleaning more effective.

How Often Should You Use A Face Brush

Dermatologists are often get asked, “Is it bad to exfoliate your face every day with a brush?” We were curious too and asked our experts, here are their tips.

  1. When you only start using a brush, clean your face with it once or twice a week, this way you’ll avoid overstimulation and irritation. Actually, if your derma is not accustomed to such a method of cleaning, the face may even break out during the first week – it’s normal, don’t worry. Before you start trying your new item, consider a face wash with glycolic or salicyl acid; it’ll prevent acne flare-ups. However, don’t use this wash with your brush because it might irritate the skin – alternate days when you use the brush and an exfoliating wash. If you notice pimples, wait for a few days when they begin to fade; after that reintroduce the new device into your routine.
  2. Your next step will be using the tool once a day – better in the evening when oils and dirt have built up. Even though manufacturers say that you should use the brush twice a day, most dermatologists agree that it might be too much. Besides, if your skin is on the sensitive side, you’d rather only use the device a couple of times a week to avoid irritation.

However, all skincare experts admit that every individual has to discover his/her own routine – maybe, for you it’s better to use this item twice a day.

Tips For Facial Care

  • The most important, golden rule is to clean the face right. As you may guess, we recommend using a face brush. But, please, don’t forget about the right wash; start with choosing the right one for your complexion – it must be gentle but effective. When you combine these 2 means, you’ll get the best results – clearer and more radiant skin. How to use a facial cleanser? Just apply some solution on the wet tool and distribute it across the face. Easy peasy!
  • After a thorough cleaning, apply some cream, lotion, or other cosmetic treatment with the help of the best ultrasonic infuser, which will help to make your solution even more beneficial.
  • And, of course, keep general rules which will improve not only the skin but your overall health: sleep not less than 8 hours a day; exercise regularly; don’t forget to use a sunscreen with SPF; eat right – fresh fruits, veggies, greens, vitamins, and sufficient proteins; hydrate yourself – drink not less than 8 glasses of water every day.

How To Clean Facial Brush

how to clean facial brush

To avoid breakout or inflammation, you must clean your brush after each use. Wash the item under running water, rub the bristles with your fingers to remove makeup and soap residues. Use baby shampoo or mild liquid soap for any hard-to-remove surplus. When you are done with washing, pat the device dry with a soft, clean cloth and let it air-dry.

Also, you have to disinfect your tool weekly. Fill a bowl with alcohol-based disinfectant, put your brush there and let it soak for 1-2 minutes. Then allow the device to dry on a clean cloth, do not rinse it off. Disinfecting will kill all bacteria on the bristles. Before using the brush next time, rinse it thoroughly under the running water.

And the final advice from our experts – change brush heads every 3 months, it’s a good preventative measure from breakouts and inflammation on your face.


We, at, do believe that proper skincare guarantees woman’s beauty for over many-many years. And it doesn’t require too many efforts and huge investments from us – just right cosmetic solutions and tools. Now when you know how to use one of the most important tools – a face brush – you can take your skincare routine to the next level.

Stay perfect!

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