How to Make a Baby Mobile: Complete Guide

How to Make a Baby Mobile: Complete Guide
Last Updated: 03 August 2021

Anytime one is expecting a little bundle of joy, there’s usually a lot of helter-skelter to get everything done perfectly. Should you get your baby their separate room or would the best bassinet by your bedside work out just fine? Should you even consider bassinet vs crib? How do you furnish this to make it habitable for the tad and bring about the ‘babyish-vibe’ in the nursery section?

Or suppose you’re not the lucky expectant parent but you still want to make an impression since a friend or relative is expecting a tot soon enough. Well, you should start considering getting the best baby mobile which will add a little glamour into the whole scene. What’s more, with enough creativity, you can make a DIY mobile which will surely enhance your attachment to the kiddos.

Let’s get started on how to make a mobile.

Making a DIY baby mobile

Several factors will influence how to go about making unique baby mobiles. But even before showing you how to make your own mobiles, it is crucial to first fully comprehend what is a baby mobile.

In layman’s terms, it’s a kind of a hanging loop from which toys, crafts or other objects can be hung and which can turn or even spin. It’s simply meant to add some life and color to the baby nursery or create some memories they can associate with once they are grown.

As such, you have to identify the purpose of setting up the homemade baby mobile. What do you associate with? Is it animals, nature, people or simply shapes? What memories or story do you want the crib mobile to tell? Or do you simply want the best baby mobile to only add color, life and a different touch?

Getting clear on this will help you have a clear picture of the kind of modern baby mobile you want to come up with. We will proceed to give you some unparalleled ideas on making the best baby mobile that will have other parents knocking on your door for creative tips.

What Baby Mobile Can I Make?

Of course, you can make a trip to your nearest baby store and empty your wallet on some fancy baby mobiles. Where’s the fun in that? The idea here is not only to save some pennies while making the homemade baby mobile but also to have a fun experience and put your heart into whatever you are making.

You first need to decide on the materials you want to use. These could range from origami mobile to balloons, paper, felt, wood or even fabric. You can also decide to have a creative photo album for your best baby mobile – it all depends on the story you want to tell.

Since you don’t want to complicate the whole idea – I mean, it’s not a competition and the nipper won’t realize it until 2yrs later, decide on the shapes. You can have the shape of any animal, planet, stars, moon or even trees and nature for your DIY baby mobile. Let’s see what baby mobile you’ll opt for.

how to make paper mobile

How to Make Paper Mobile

Are you making a baby girl crib mobile or is it for a young champ? Gender is important since you’ll decide on the colors to use and even what to use.

We will only give you the basics. You can add more material to bring the best baby mobile to life. Here, you will need a stock of colored cards, markers for added decoration, glue, scissors, a pencil, a nylon cord or really strong thread and a hoop for hanging. Additionally, you will need a fabric to wrap the hoop all around and beads to distinctly separate each paper object.

Make your distinct templates (or otherwise download these) depending on the shapes you want. Trace out your templates on the paper as you cut them out and glue them together according to their shapes. Don’t glue till the end but leave out some space for the nylon cord or string to pass through. Next, you need to attach to the cord or string using glue at measured/desired intervals.

Now you need to work on how to make a hanging mobile by taking care of the hoop. Tie the fabric all round in one sitting till you are finished to ensure it is tight and firm. You can also use a thread which will take longer. You can then use about 3-4 string for balancing the hoop when it comes down to how to hang mobile from the ceiling. Afterwards, add the cords/strings with the attached shapes. Apply the same steps when considering how to make a dreamcatcher mobile.

how to make a felt baby mobile

How to Make a Felt Baby Mobile

The process of how to make a nursery mobile is quite similar – only the materials change and the process differs a little bit according to the raw materials used.

To grasp how to make a crib mobile using felt, you will need embroidery floss and needle, felt, stuffing, scissors, animal patterns (can be substituted at will) and safety eyes. Additionally, you will require a pair of scissors, clamps, wood glue, 1/4″ plywood, sandpaper and sander, 1″x2″ boards, jigsaw, paint and brush.

Cut out a leaf shape from the plywood using the jigsaw of about 12 inches and a stem from the boards. Attach the stem with glue and leave to dry. Paint a piece of the wooden mount and allow drying to occur. Attach your animal patterns to the leaf using glue then use clamps to attach the stand to the crib. Add some low colored light to add some ambience and assist on how to get the baby to sleep in crib. You might be tempted to sleep in this crib yourself.

how to make ribbon mobile

How to Make a Ribbon Mobile

If you are using the best bassinet, we would recommend you to add some glamour to it with a unique DIY ribbon mobile. This is easier to make as most people are afraid of sewing and threading.

Materials needed include a wire wreath, beads (of different colors), a ton of ribbons (just kidding, but you need a lot of these), binder clip, scissors, a spray paint (optional) and a fishing line.

Tie the ribbons around the wreath to form a loop after spraying the wire using the color of your choice. Measure out the ribbons in preferable sizes of 50-60cm as you cut them out. The crispy ones will need to be gently ironed to bring out the desired end appeal. Once the ribbons are slid through the wreath, insert the beads all round to cover the empty spaces. Form knots using the ribbon until you are done with all the ribbons. Use a binding loop and connect to the fishing line which can then be attached and hang from the ceiling. Now your best baby mobile made of ribbons is good to go.

how to make a baby mobile that spins

How to Make a Baby Mobile that Spins

Did you know you can add a motor to your baby mobile to make it spin and lull the baby to sleep? This is attached using screws and is known as kinetic art. Using this, you can also make baby hanging toys on the crib which ought to be firmly supported on the ceiling.

Things You Need to Know About Homemade Baby Mobile

You might have made the best baby mobile but forgotten some safety measures to apply. As for good mom, the safety and well-being of your infant are more important than any decorations applied. It is usually advised not to put the baby mobile directly on top of the best bassinet or crib. Also, try out how to make a baby mobile frame which is bigger than the nursery to enhance safety in case anything ever happens. Now you’re in the know – get to work and start making those memories.


Getting a baby mobile way before your little one arrives will give you enough time to make all the considerations to get one that will serve you well. However, if your little bundle of joy is already present, it’s not too late to get him or her comfortable. Just follow our detailed guide.

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