How to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean: Useful Tips

How to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean: Useful Tips
Last Updated: 04 August 2021

With summer just around the corner, most usually are getting ready for holidays. We sit on the weekends with our partners and children to discuss destinations, transportation, and accommodation. However, this year we are awaiting summer with great uncertainty. Because of the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic that paralyzed almost half of the world, we don’t know whether we can plan the summer holidays.

But warm months will undoubtedly come, and we have to find ways to enjoy and cool down despite everything that is going on.

how to keep kiddie pool water clean naturally

The best thing you can do to make sure you have a way to get refreshed right there in your backyard when heat reigns are to, of course, have a pool. This is easier said than done because it requires a lot of work and money.

Although we cannot find a simple solution for us, it is possible to do something for our children. You can relatively easily set up the best inflatable pool so they can at least enjoy summer. This indeed a good investment in the long run as well because you can use it each year. Regardless of whether you visit the coast or not summer lasts for three months, your kids will certainly appreciate the opportunity to splatter around each day.

Now, of course, after you purchased it, one thing is setting it up and another thing cleaning it. The water and consequently the pool itself can get dirty very quickly because kids go in and out often, put inside the best outdoor toys for toddlers and so on. It can be rather frustrating when you think about how often you have to clean it. However, we assure you that if you follow the steps on how to keep a pool clean, you will be able to do it effortlessly and enjoy watching your kids playing in the water.

How to Keep Kiddie Pool Water Clean

how to keep kiddie pool water clean

It is necessary to understand that keeping a kiddie pool clean isn’t only about aesthetics. It is much more about safety and less about aesthetics. Regular people, as you know, have good filtering systems that clean the water each day. However, swimming pools for toddlers and kids don’t have this option. If you don’t take care of it properly, water can still be an incubator of bacteria and other germs, and therefore your kid can get sick from water-borne illnesses. One of the most common, for example, the problem with bacteria called Escherichia Coli that is a normal inhabitant of the gut. Still, if it arrives somewhere else, it can cause various health problems. To prevent this and other problems that might occur, it is recommended that you clean water each day. How to let’s see how to keep a kid pool clean without a filter.

How to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean with Salt

After learning about all the bacteria that can accumulate in the water, many would naturally rush into figuring how to keep a kiddie pool clean with chemicals that would disinfect everything in an instant. This is unnecessary as there are ways how to keep a kiddie pool clean without chemicals. Natural cleaners such as salt are effective in removing algae and scum buildups. Scum, in the case you are unsure what it is, is the solid residue of water that has been used in hard water.

When you are cleaning the pool with salt as a natural kiddie pool cleaner, you need to dissolve half of the pound in hot water and pour it in the pool with water. Stir and leave it for 24 hours. The next day scrubs the pool with a rug and pours out the water. After that, rinse it with a hose and fill it back up.

inflatable kiddie pool

Cleaning Pool With Bleach

Often we hear people wondering, can you put chlorine in a kiddie pool? You might think that using chlorine to clean a child’s pool isn’t safe; experts agree that it is okay to use little amounts. Chlorine is a natural disinfectant and is very powerful in destroying viruses, bacteria, and other causes of infection. On the market, you can find small chlorine tablets that are generally designed to be used in spa tubs or something similar. You should use one tablet per week for smaller pools and two for those that are bigger.

When you want to know how much bleach to add to the kiddie pool, we recommend that you use 1/8cup of basic bleach for every 100 gallons of water.

Kiddie Pool Cover to Keep Water Clean

When you are thinking of how to keep a kiddie pool clean, the first thing you should know is that it is necessary to cover it properly. Putting something to cover the pool is one of the great ways to prevent anything like insects from entering the water. It also prevents leaves and other dirt from coming in contact with water.

Protective Pool Cover for Kids Pools
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For a little pool for children, you can use plastic cover a tarp that you use to protect your car during winter. You must put some rocks on the edges to prevent it from flying

How to Keep Kiddie Pool Water Clean Naturally

We have already mentioned salt as the best way to clean a pool, but there are some others as well.

cleaning kiddie pools
  • Vinegar

    Make a white vinegar solution with water and add to the bucket full of water. Soak the sponge in it and then scrub the pool. Make sure to clean all the hard to reach areas as well. The good thing about white vinegar and why we recommend it is that it doesn’t have a strong smell as a standard one.

  • Baking Soda

    Combine baking soda and water to make the paste. Apply it on a soft scrub brush and clean the kiddie pool.

  • Citric Acid

    Squeeze the juice of several lemons into a bucket. Strain the liquid and put it in a spray bottle and then spray all over the pool to remove the limescale. Citric acid has the potential to remove any calcium deposits.


It is essential to know how to clean a kiddie pool to make sure that your kids are enjoying themselves safely. As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to do it, and they are all pretty straightforward. Do you have some other ideas on how to clean a pool effortlessly? We at appreciate your feedback, and we are looking to hearing from you soon.

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