How to find the right nanny?

How to find the right nanny?
Last Updated: 03 August 2021

Parenting a baby is a crucial aspect. We desire to get our kids into the right practice, and nursing them is necessary for this. Feeding the baby, the kind of nutritious food that we provide, and the timelines matter a lot. Taking care of the baby, giving some effective playtime, and monitoring them throughout is just so fundamental. Also, nursing them in case of any illness and providing timely medicines cannot be taken for granted anyway. We desire a person who can just handle it all for us in precisely the same manner as we do. We will be happy if the person can slowly teach good mannerisms to our little ones as well.

In the current scenario, by trying to manage work and home at the same time, we fail in certain aspects. Sometimes out of tiring work schedules, parenting goes for a toss. We have to deal with it convincingly. Delegating work is the most excellent way to handle every phase of life in the finest manner possible.

You only have to take care of your work. People can assist you, but your presence is certainly required. However, babies after a certain age can be nurtured by a good nanny. Hire a nanny for your kid, ensure that they are the best, and stay peaceful at your mind. They will take care of your little one! How to find a nanny? Let us discuss it in steps.

Steps to find the best nanny

1. Discuss with your life partner on what are your priorities.

When we go into home commitments, there are plenty of aspects. Decide for yourself how things need to be managed. And as far as your kid is considered, think about what you are expecting from your nanny. Drill down to the simplest details by keeping the following questions in mind.

  • What physical work and emotional work that you want the nanny to do? You want them to do everything for your baby from feeding to nursing?
  • At what timing you require them at home, or you want a full-time nanny?
  • What is the age of the nanny you feel will best suit your aspirations?
  • You want them to be well-educated?
  • Do you want them to parent your kid as well?

Once, you get the answers right for these questions. You are just good to go!

2. When your intentions are clear, you can go ahead and search for a nanny.

  • Many companies are hosting a nanny training professional courses these days. You can approach these centers and tell the concerned management that you are looking for a nanny. They might give you a good list of people, and you can choose from them.
  • You can get in touch with your closest friends or family members to provide any contacts if you feel they are reliable.
  • You can also find a nanny online. Several websites are directing to people who are trying to look for such profiles. This is another best way to find a nanny. They will provide the basic details about the nanny, their pay scales and experience and more information if you request them. However, you will have to pay for the services.
  • If you have the time, you can draft all your requirements and prepare a post for an advertisement. In this case, people will start approaching you directly.
  • If you do not have the time to research, you can approach a nanny placement agency. They have clear cut principles, screening tests, and basic interview sessions already happened to resource you well with candidates. You will have to pay a fee; however, it is worth it.!!

3. Once you have analyzed different profiles based on the above approaches, go ahead and shortlist a few people.

Conduct a basic background check for the nanny based on their profile. You should check for any criminal records under their name as well. Look for their personality and experience in this field. A medical examination is also important to make sure they are healthy and devoid of any serious ailments. Further also check for nanny references, probably the previous employers to get to know them better. You can ask the previous employers about their experience with them, their strengths and weaknesses, and the reason why the nanny came out of the work with them. This is very important, because the nanny you come across is relatively a new person for you and that you will not have prior knowledge.

Once you have researched their background, you need to look for some important skills that are prominent.

What skills should a nanny have?

There are definite skills that a nanny should possess. Let us list them out to have a quick check whenever required.

What skills should a nanny have
Persistence — Kids are very active and naughty most of the time. The nanny should be very patient and strong enough to handle the children for a long time.

Multitasking — The nanny should be able to feed, engage them with something interesting, speak to them, and manage their tantrums as well. If they have to handle more than one kid, they should be organized to do that as well.

Communication — The nanny should be able to communicate comfortably with the child.

On the other hand, the kid also should feel convenient to speak out their desires or disturbances.

Entertainment — Engaging children is the most challenging aspect. We will have to ensure that the nanny can tell stories, sing for babies, and even dance along with them to keep the children well engaged and happy. If the nanny is creative and can conduct games, it is going to be a real fun time for the children.

Cooking skills — The nanny should be able to feed the children with some nutritional diet at the right time. They will have to cook a variety of tasty and healthy food so that children eat well and get out of monotony. The nanny should be educated enough to provide the right nutrition in case of any health issues. You can also advise them on the best baby cereal to start with.

Nursing — It is quite obvious that the kids keep falling as they run and move around. Cuts and small injuries on hands and legs are very common. The nanny should be able to provide immediate first aid in case of any emergency. It might take some time to reach the hospital, and minimum care should be given at any cost.

Cleaning — Kids always make a big mess out of our house. They spill water, food, and any other item they get on their hands. Sometimes, we want the nanny to clean them as well.

Having seen some basic skills, now you know how to find a nanny. Let us see what the nanny has to do completely.

What does a nanny do?

what does a nanny do

A nanny is not like a babysitter managing the child for a short period. She has to take care of the child completely. From waking up the kid in the morning, getting them ready, cooking and feeding them nutritious food, taking them to playschool or any other assigned center, pack food for them, take them back after the exact time, cleaning their places, laundry, making them sleep and also treating them medically anytime if required.

Decide on the pay scales based on the work you expect them to do. If it is for some specific hours, like a part-time nanny alter the payment accordingly.

What questions should I ask when interviewing a nanny?

Nanny interview questions are crucial. We have to get the right person for our kids so that they are groomed well. Interviewing the nanny is thus very significant. We have provided here a checklist with the necessary questions.

What questions should I ask when interviewing a nanny
  • Why do you want to be a nanny?
  • How many years have you been taking care of children and in what age group?
  • What is your educational background, and have you undergone any specific training courses towards this profile?
  • Could you brief us about your previous experiences and responsibilities?
  • Are you well proficient in first aid and have you handled any emergency cases?
  • How do you handle child tantrums?
  • How do you prefer working, part-time or full time?
  • Can you engage children with sports, games, or in any other manner?
  • What can be a balanced diet for children, and will you be able to cook that?
  • Are you comfortable cleaning children’s rooms and doing laundry?
  • How do you think a nanny can bring in the disciple and good habits?

Apart from these basic questions, you can give them some scenarios and ask them how they will respond. For example, how to handle a baby crying for a long time?

Also, keep in mind that you cannot ask them their issues, any criminal offenses if they had, and about their religious beliefs. You can enquire and conduct your research about them, but never ask them directly.

What is a live-in nanny?

what is a live-in nanny

Nanny caregivers can be required to stay under certain conditions. For example, you may work in different shift timings at work and not sure of the duration as well. In such cases, the nanny will be provided with a room to stay at home. The pay, of course, will be a little less comparatively. It is a good choice to keep the nanny at home as children get bonded well. However, it is also important to set them away from getting into our matters. It can lead to harsh situations later.

What is a nanny trial day?

What is a nanny trial day

A nanny trial day is when the nanny comes home for the first time. We will check the compatibility of her character with the child and the family members. The entire family can sit together and discuss various responsibilities. You can take her around and show the child’s rooms, school, play area and everything in one day. We should not have too many expectations on the same day. It takes time for them to get acquainted well. Sometimes, they might make mistakes on that day. We should always give them a chance to improve and get along. Pay them appropriately for that day.

We have discussed some of the most important concerns about how to find a nanny. Bringing a new person into our family is sensitive to happening. We have to give importance to each of the steps mentioned above and spend some quality time. Bring home the best nanny, give them some space to develop, some toys for girls and boys separately to engage, the freedom to cook, and the right to take care of your child. They might get into a characteristic someday!

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