How Many Crib Sheets Do You Really Need?

How Many Crib Sheets Do You Really Need?
Last Updated: 23 April 2021

One of the most important things about being a parent is to make sure that your baby is safe and comfortable. And given that they’re still quite tiny and mostly lie in the crib, you need to make sure that your son or daughter feels good and protected in their little bed. And one of the ways to ensure that is to have a proper crib sheet.

These are made specifically for for these little angels, to provide them with comfort, ensure breathability and safety, since all the best crib sheets are hypoallergenic

All these benefits are why so many people choose crib sheets over the regular ones. However it also at times creates confusion, and many parents wonder – “how many crib sheets do I need?”.

Well, that is what we’re gonna find out!

Why Crib Sheets Are So Important?

Why Crib Sheets Are So Important

In order to figure out how many crib sheets to buy, we first need to determine and understand what is a crib sheet, exactly.

Simply put, the crib sheets are the bedsheets made specifically for the cradle your baby sleeps in. Overall, they are just like regular bed covers but smaller in size.

Apart from protecting the crib mattress from superficial blemish and bestowing fancy décor, crib sheets are needed to promote better sleep for your baby. Another benefit is that the crib sheets are hypoallergenic, so they would keep the child’s skin protected from allergies or rashes.

Moreover, they are breathable which will keep your kid cool during a hot day, or warm during a cold night.

Factors to Consider

When wondering how many crib sheets do you need, there are a couple of factors that you need to consider. These are:


When it comes to babies, we are always extra cautious about everything. Maintaining hygiene for newborns is a must to keep them safe and sound. Thus, it is essential to change their blankets every day. Consequently, you need at least four covers for the everyday switch. But if you plan on replacing the crib sheets every week, you don’t need more than two.

Should You Swaddle the Baby or Keep Them Uncovered?

Whether to swaddle a baby or keep them uncovered is something totally up to you. Generally, it’s more beneficial to do so since swaddling your newborn with a baby blanket keeps them in a single position. Thus, they won’t drool and get dirty.

Swaddling is a very good technique to keep infants calm and promote healthy and better sleep.

What to Do About the Skin Sensitivity of Infants?

What to Do About the Skin Sensitivity of Infants

It is a known fact that an infant’s skin is extremely sensitive and more delicate. In that case, you need to have hypoallergenic materials. Also, make sure you change the sheets as often as possible, to avoid rashes and irritation from the blankets.

Taking Into Consideration Infant’s Illness

It is very stressful and worrisome to see your baby get sick. However, after staying in the womb for nine long months it is common for your darling to get sick once in a while. It is because they are trying to get assimilated to the outside world. So, if your child gets ill, it is very crucial to change the covers often, since it will keep them safe from germs and mess that can damage their immune system even more.

Wrapping Up: How Many Crib Sheets Do You Need Then?

Four sheets are enough if you do your laundry regularly. However, taking into consideration the unpredictable mess your baby might make throughout the day; it is wise to keep spare blankets. So, for example, Ergo, with their seven sheets will be quite enough for any emergencies.

What to Consider When Buying Crib Sheets?

When you’re wondering “how many crib sheets do I need for newborn?” it is important to consider some factors. These will help you choose only the best crib sheets and ensure that your baby sleeps in a safe cradle blanket:


Newborn babies tend to lie on their back all the time, making them sweat a lot. And that can create rashes and even cause them to overheat, which is a serious health risk. So you have to make sure that the crib sheets you choose are made of naturally breathable fabric. It would help your baby stay cool and sleep comfortably.



Now let’s see how many fitted sheets for cribs you need. The fit of the crib sheet is a very crucial point. But remember, the linen should snuggly fit the mattress so that it does not move around. Babies as they grow, tend to move a lot. If the linen is not tightly wrapped it could crumble up and cause potential danger to them. It is also not advised to place any extra material on the cradle such as bumper pads, pillows, or stuffed toys.


Babies are usually more prone to allergies than adults. And since your baby will lie in the cradle for several hours a day, it’s important to ensure that the blankets are hypoallergenic. This would ensure that your baby doesn’t develop rashes from the sheets.


The next question that a lot of parents ask is “What size is a crib sheet?”. All the crib sheets come in two sizes: standard and mini.

  • Standard: Measures 52 x 28 inches. These are good for a standard crib mattress or a toddler mattress.
  • Mini: Measures 38 x 24 inches. This will fit a mini crib mattress.


All and all if you wonder “How many crib sheets do I need?”, then keep in mind that 4 to 5 linens is often quite enough. However since it is very important to ensure that the cradle linens are clean, they have to be washed more often then the regular sheets. So it’s best to keep a couple extra crib sheets, just in case.

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