Homemade Baby Wipes – Save Kid’s Health and Family Budget

Homemade Baby Wipes – Save Kid’s Health and Family Budget
Last Updated: 02 August 2021

What’s one of the most dangerous things for your newborn? Unfortunately, there’s plenty of them around us. However, recent studies have revealed that even baby wipes can be harmful, especially for kids with sensitive skin; that’s why these products are getting more and more popular.

With regard to a factory product, such ingredients as Methylisothiazolinone, Phenoxyethanol, and Benzyl alcohol may cause allergies and dermatitis. Bronopol is also toxic because it’s a formaldehyde donor. Fragrance or perfume are strong irritants onto your baby’s sensitive skin.

Take into consideration that not only cheap products but also the most popular brands use one or all of those substances. This is the main reason for learning about how to make baby wipes.

Essential Oils for Baby – to Use or Not to Use?

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Before diving deeper into a process of creating the best baby wipes, let stress the necessity of using essential oils. Despite some conflicting information about their value, they can be helpful when dealing with sensitive skin; as a rule, such baby oils are derived from herbs, flowers, and other plants.

When to Use Such Products?

  • In an infant massage to make this process easier and glide smoothly over the skin.

  • In bath water to calm a kid.

  • In a diffuser at bedtime to help a baby fall to sleep.

What to Use for Making Them?

  • Lavender oil to treat pain and low babies’ heart rate if it’s too frequent.

  • Chamomile oil to calm infants when they’re getting too nervous or cranky.

  • Sunflower oil to improve skin hydration (Note that olive oil is not always suitable for sensitive skin since it can decrease the existing skin problems or diseases.)

However, one should know that according to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, they can be used for babies older than 3 months. The younger infants do not very tolerate various odors, even the most pleasant of them.

How to Make DIY Baby Wipes? – Win-Win Recipes

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Diy baby wipes are healthier alternatives since they’re usually made of natural components and they save money, unlike high-end products in the shops. You can use, for example, old socks, old t-shirts, cloth and other clothing made of cotton or soft knitting — it’s a great recipe in terms of repurposing things you’ve already had. Ok, how else to make your own baby wipes? For example, you can use baby washcloths that are completely suitable for this purpose.

Besides, you can cut up a flannel blanket (check its component to make sure it doesn’t contain polyester) into little pieces, near 7×7 inches each. What’s next? Make a zig-zag line around the edges to escape fraying. You can use a spray bottle with a mix of water, witch hazel, and some drops of one of the essential oils mentioned above to imbue your wipes.

The homemade baby wipes recipe will make you add wipes to your laundry. It’s not a big deal since they’re tiny and don’t require to be washed separately. However, you can easily make not reusable, but a disposable product to avoid laundry and ironing. First, let’s see the components to make baby wipes that you will use without troubles. Actually, everything is a piece of cake, and it doesn’t take much of your time.

For Wipes

  1. Take a roll of paper towels, a container, and a solution in the glass infant bottle (the recipe is described below).

  2. Take a knife and cut paper towels into 2 parts.

  3. Place one of the parts in the container.

  4. Put the fluid over the towels and let them be imbued.

  5. Check the wipes to be soaked completely.

For Solution

baby wipes
  • A tablespoon of sunflower oil.

  • A tablespoon of liquid castile soap or any of its alternatives (goat’s milk soap, for example).

  • A cup of filtered water (use your home purification system or buy water in the store).

  • A couple of drops of chamomile essential oil.

  • A couple of drops of lavender essential oil.

  • Add a safe, natural preservative – 5 drops of tea tree essential oil plus some drops of Vitamin E oil.


Now, it’s time to clarify how to make your own baby wipes using all those components: blend them all, but start with water to prevent too many annoying bubbles; don’t store this mixture in the fridge and don’t keep it in the warm place or under direct sunlight, but use it for your wipes. For example, you can place the fluid into an appropriate small spray or squirt bottle and then spray all wipes down each time you take them.

Then, make a container for baby wipes’ storage. It might be any plastic item or even a handmade box. Try to use a cover to keep the wipes clean.

Final Thoughts

mom cleaning babygirl face with a homemade wipe

So, that’s all. Now, you can use your eco-wipes and don’t worry about your baby’s sensitive skin. Besides, the family budget won’t suffer and you’ have money for plenty of sweet nothings. Certainly, sometimes it’s not about money.

Some people are rich enough not to bother themselves with such trifles and not to spend their time on making wipes or anything else by themselves. However, our infants’ health is above all. That’s why they worth some minutes of our everyday life that could be spent on such useful things as environmentally sound wipes.

Can you share your experience of making homemade baby wipes for your kids? Was it difficult or not? Did you notice the difference between the result of using factory or DIY products? Comment on this issue and share your ideas.

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