Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for a baby

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for a baby
Last Updated: 03 August 2021

You can often find, as you get older, that the magic of Christmas begins to wear away for adults. However, the fun never stops for children. Even though Christmas is not all about the presents, we love to treat people with great gifts to make them feel special. If you wonder about what to get a baby for Christmas or your older child, we have put together a killer list of Xmas gifts for young children that will leave them happy all winter.

What were your criteria while picking the best gift ideas for babies?

As we were creating this list in mind, we carried out many checks, for instance, thinking about what parents would purchase for their babies. We would do a comprehensive examination of reviews online and see what word of mouth was. It’s also good to think about what would be engaging and worthwhile for a child and what kind of educational value gifts can provide. If you looked around many online stores, you probably noticed that when you seek the best baby gifts or gifts for toddlers, there are all sorts of products that aren’t suitable for their age. It is essential to reflect on what would be right for the child. It is what we have strived to do in our guide.

We have thought long and hard to give products based on age recommendations. It is quite common to provide child products which may have some use for a couple of months, e.g., baby bottles, but that would be boring for children quickly, so do bear this in mind. All of these are factors that we, and you, should consider. Now without further ado, let’s look at the products we’ve selected for you.

What do you get a baby for the first Christmas?

Even though babies probably won’t remember their early Xmases to talk about in the future, it’s great to surround them with love and have a positive impact on their development. Here we’ve curated a Christmas gift for newborns and all the cute children wrapped up in baby blankets.

christmas gift for daughters

Gifts for Newborn Babies (0–3 Months)

  • Baby Girl Teething Toys
  • It is one of those Christmas gifts for a baby that is having a hard time teething. You can purchase one hundred percent food grade teething toys that are soft and functional. All of these never contain any heavy metals – lead, phthalates, cadmium, or anything else. None of these products should have them. Choose items that have a sage design and are made from soft, user-friendly food-grade silicone. You can get these babies Christmas gifts for children above the age of 0, and it’s good to purchase products that aren’t able to be put too far into your baby’s mouth. You won’t want your baby gagging!

    This teething set completely stands out from the others, helping to soothe teething pain and acting as a stylish accessory to any little one’s outfit. It is one of the best baby Christmas gifts

    and is the only teething product that can deliver – the perfect size, shape, and weight for babies to carry around and chew on.

  • Bright Starts Rattle& Barbell Rattle
  • With every baby potentially on the way to becoming the next weightlifting champion, this barbell toy is the one for your child. It is one of those baby Christmas toys that has cheerful blue and yellow details and is completely cute as can be. It is undoubtedly a toy for growing babies, with easy to wash material, grippy handles, beads, and mirrored surfaces. Put it in the diaper bag to take on the go, and every smile is simply a small shake away. Many colored beads will light up and make any baby smile with joy.

  • Infantino 3-in-1 Activity Ball pit and Gym
Infantino 3 in 1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

This ball pit is great and don’t forget it combines an activity gym too! It is sure to be a total hit with any young child. It is one of the best toddlers Christmas gifts, and infants can use the comfortable mat + toys hanging above their heads to entice their imagination. As babies grow, they become more mobile, and the mesh sides will begin to surround them just like a safe zone. It’s an excellent place for toddlers to hang around and play with the 40 colorful balls included, which are stored inside the turtle’s head. These cool things combined 3 in 1 are baby girl Christmas gifts that will have them excited and rearing for playtime.

infant christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts for Infants (3–12 months)

  • Luvable Friends Baby Socks
  • It is ideal for everyday wear, and the soft fabric will be highly comfortable on any baby’s feet. The design can stretch to encompass a proper fit, and no baby will ever kick up a fuss. The product is on offer in numerous designs, for all the little ones between 3 and 12, plus it is unisex and makes for a Christmas gift for daughters or sons. Comfort is on the cards with designs featuring over 80% cotton, with fully machine washable material.

  • Simple Joys Holiday Pajamas
Simple Joys by Carter's Baby and Toddler 2 Pack Holiday Loose Fit Fleece Footed Pajamas

These are super kid cool designs, with many different colors and sizes to choose from. The material is imported and ready for machine wash, with snug fitted sleepwear, which is flame resistant. The polyester material featured is free of harmful chemicals, so your child can roll around on his/her best baby play mat with no itchy rash requiring baby lotion as a result. Every set contains two sets of foot pajamas that have interesting Santa patterns and for a very competitive price too.

Great Gift Ideas for Babies Under One

  • Proud Baby Footprint & Hand Print Keepsake Kit
  • To get your child’s creativity going, this is a big winner product to purchase. It includes two practical packages of clay that are very easy to air dry. It is also completely non-toxic and safe for precious tots hands’ to handle. After impressions are made, clay dried quickly within four days into a hard and durable material that is much like a stone inconsistency. It can be a personalized baby’s first Christmas ornament. A child will display it whenever he/she likes, for instance, on a bedside table or hanging up somewhere on a wall in the house. Every kit comes with two large bags of clay, two 4 inch cutting rings, glaze finish, letter stamps, a brush, and other materials. Instructions are easy to follow, and it can be fun for the whole family. The clay, when glazed, will be challenging to crack, so your ornament will last for many years to come.

  • VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Moosical Cow Beads

  • It is one of those top Christmas gifts for kids that are into their music and a popular gift for developing creativity. One can cuddle up with a soft, stuffed animal that is cozy and easy to play with. The toy has a beautiful and easy-to-hold ring, which includes light-up buttons and spinning shapes to develop motor skills. There are up to 30 different melodies, songs, and phrases that will teach little ones about the joy of music while engaging them and making sure they have a good time. The cow’s size makes it great for cribs and any children up to 24 months in age. It comes with a couple of AAA batteries so that it can be used straight away.

  • Personalized TWAS’ The Night Before Christmas Hardcover book
Personalized TWAS' The Night Before Christmas Storybook

This Christmas book is a sturdy hardcover that has an excellent poetic language. It can be personalized and include a child’s gender, surname, hometown, pet type, pet name, family members, hair color, and skin tone. Not only this, but one can even customize it so that up to four family members appear in the story. Children will love being taken on the story and being included as the main character. It’s the perfect way to wish your child a very merry Christmas, and it is high quality, composed of thick hardcover material. It can be one of the best Christmas gifts for a 1-year-old baby girl or any young child between the ages of 0 and 8 – they love diving into this book.

Other Christmas gift ideas that you won't find in a store

Christmas gift ideas that you won’t find in a store

If you’re looking for a baby gift for Christmas or something that stands out for your child, why not give them something super special? Here we’ve come up with several gift ideas that do just that. These options aren’t likely to be found in a store of advertised on every single baby Christmas presents infomercial – these are some things that stand out from the crowd. Not every one of your baby Christmas gift ideas has to be trivial, so check out our ideas below.

  • Photo sessions in a studio
  • It is a lot different from all the dinosaur toys accumulating in the cupboard. Many newborns are having their pictures taken with family members these days. They work as great souvenirs and are very adorable. Cute poses, babies all wrapped up, sweet clothing, and more – usually cheap, the memory can last for a lifetime. It’s always a hit with families that want something inexpensive to put on the mantelpiece to remind them of times when everything was super exciting and happy.

  • Aquarium or Zoo membership packages
  • Who doesn’t adore animals? Taking your son or daughter to a zoo or aquarium can bring more value than most educational toys ever could. For children watching a huge fish close up, it can be both enlightening and soothing for them. Not only this but taking kids to these places are great outings for parents too. Everyone’s a winner, and kids will love looking around at all the cute creatures.

  • Passes to physical activity centers
  • Think about how your child can let off some steam and take them to the local place to do that. It could be a trampoline center, a swimming pool, maybe even a climbing wall – there are endless opportunities to engage children in physical activities. If you’ve got an energetic son and thinking about baby boy Christmas gifts, passes to places like these could be a great idea. One of the best things is that children can enjoy the benefits for a long time after they’ve received their gift, unlike a lot of infant Christmas gifts that may lose appeal after some time. There are all sorts of opportunities available from the tiniest toddler to young children – take a look into your local activity centers.

  • Creative classes

Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box instead of just going for the same old toys for toddlers that you’ll find left around the house. Creative classes can work a child’s imagination at the time when he/she is developing and needs to exercise the skills most. Why not take your son or daughter to a painting class or a musical lesson? It can get them interested while learning something too.

Are you seeking toys for a 2-year-old girl or a boy? We’ve got lots of ideas for you here, at Parenthoodroutine! Visit our site for parents and find everything you need!

Are there any gifts you think we’ve missed out on? We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know in our comments section below.

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