Breast Milk Jewelry: Choosing a Beautiful Keepsake

Last Updated: 21 March 2023

Breastfeeding is a magical and nurturing experience that creates a special bond between you and your little one. Nowadays, more and more women want to commemorate those tender moments into something that you’ll cherish for many years to come. That’s why jewelry made from breast milk is skyrocketing in popularity. Such jewelry can become a beautiful and incredibly meaningful keepsake for a new mom.

So, if you want to have a one-of-a-kind treasure to celebrate your motherhood, or you are a close friend/relative looking for a unique piece to put into a new mommy gift basket, our article is for you! Here, we’ll give you some insight into the topic! Learn everything about the trend, how breast milk jewelry is made, what types are there on the market, and how to choose the right thing.

What Is Breast Milk Jewelry?

What Is Breast Milk Jewelry

Although breast milk keepsakes have become increasingly popular over the past few years, they are still quite rare, and some people may be initially grossed out. However, when they see one of these unique items, they completely change their mind!

Why do new mommies love wearing breast milk jewelry? Firstly, it looks gorgeous, of course! Secondly, it lets celebrate the uniqueness of their breastfeeding journey & special bond with the baby. Thirdly, such jewelry is a timeless, customized keepsake that can be given to future generations.

So, what is a breast milk ring or any other accessory – earrings, amulet e.t.c? This is exactly what its name suggests: a permanent ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelet where the “stone” is actually made of a woman’s preserved breast milk. Breast milk beads or charms have a universal white-ish or yellowish color, so, if you want to keep your little amazing secret, most people won’t have any clue what your jewelry is really made of!

What Kinds of Breast Milk Jewelry are There?

What Kinds of Breast Milk Jewelry are There

Another great thing about this type of keepsake is creating or ordering customized truly unique pieces. Breast milk jewelry rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can come in different sizes and shapes and can feature various designs. More than that, you can buy sets or pairings.

Want personalized, exclusive jewelry? Well, it’ll be created from your own liquid gold, making it completely unique. However, you may also opt to add various inclusions like color tints, glitter, metallic flakes. For an even more personalized touch, the jewelry can also feature your little one’s name, initials, his/her lock of hair, monogram, handprint or footprint, birth date, a little note, etc.

Hopefully, our breast milk jewelry reviews will provide you with good ideas and you’ll be able to design your own exquisite piece.

How Is Breast Milk Jewelry Made?

After choosing the design for your breast milk necklace or another piece, the artist will tell you how much milk is required to create your jewelry – usually, they need about 2 tablespoons of your breast milk.

You may be wondering how to preserve breast milk for jewelry? That’s simple – all you need is to place your milk into a plastic storage bag or container, seal it well and deliver it to the artist, and your job is finished here.

The milk will be boiled to remove germs and bacteria, then the artist will use chemicals to zap moisture and turn the liquid into a solidified clump. This clump will be mixed with resin, making it easier to shape the stone. Finally, it will be worked into your custom breast milk charm or stone for a ring, earring, or necklace.

Best Breast Milk Jewelry Brands

Let’s take a closer look at the top brands available on the market where you can order the most beautiful and quality breastmilk ring or another piece of jewelry.

Mama’s Liquid Love

The creator of this brand, Ann Marie Sharoupim, is a mom to 2 kids. She started crafting breastmilk jewelry to make a thank you present for her baby’s breast milk donor. This brand offers lots of wonderful pieces of jewelry that can be customized with your kid’s name or birthstone.

Beyond the Willow Tree

This Australian brand was among the first that started offering their service – handmade DNA keepsakes – on Etsy. Beyond the Willow Tree artists use materials such as breast milk, baby’s hair, ashes, umbilical, natural elements, and more to create customized jewelry.

Lait de la Vie

This Louisiana-based brand is a trophy owner, it offers numerous designs that can be customized the way you want it. The artists work with breast milk, fabrics, flowers, ashes, locks of hair, and other options.

Indigo Willow

This brand was established by the stay-at-home mother. They took time to fully develop their formula prior to offering it to the world. Indigo Willow provides a 1-year guarantee, ensuring the level of quality. It means your jewelry won’t become yellow, mold, or disintegrate with time.

Baby Bee Hummingbirds

This brand was founded in 2014 by the breastfeeding Australian mother of 3 kids. She started crafting breastmilk jewelry for her friends. Now, Baby Bee Hummingbirds is a trusted worldwide business. They craft elegant, soulfully infused breastmilk jewelry.

DIY Breast Milk Jewelry

DIY Breast Milk Jewelry

If you love crafting things, you’ll enjoy DIYing your own breast milk jewelry. There are various kits available on the market, they’ll help to preserve your milk at home. However, you should understand that the jewelry you’ll make yourself may not be exactly the same as those offered by professionals.

The kits include all elements you need to turn your milk into fine dust; then, you can load this dust into a special vail. You’ll be able to choose what type of jewelry to design – a ring, pendant, charm, etc.

Mikah617 DIY Breast Milk Necklace Keepsake Kit
  • This is a do it yourself breastmilk pendant keepsake kit
  • It includes full directions, and necessary items ( inclusive of pendant, chain)to create your own keepsake.

When you are choosing a DIY kit, opt for a well-known brand that guarantees a proper level of quality and provides pharmaceutical-grade preservatives for producing high jewelry that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Breast Milk Jewellery Precautions

While creating our breast milk jewelry reviews, we’ve also found some ways to keep your treasure piece from spoiling and keep it as good as new:

Breast Milk Jewellery Precautionsy
  • Never expose your jewelry to sunlight for a long time; it may cause discoloration.
  • Keep the jewelry far from hair sprays, creams, oils, perfumes, and other chemicals.
  • Do not wear the jewelry during high-intensity sports or in the sauna since excessive sweating and heat can spoil the gloss of the stone.
  • If you need to clean the jewelry, use a soft cloth and mild cleanser.
  • Remember that any sharp-edged things can damage the jewelry.


Does Breast Milk Jewellery Smell?

In case the preservation process was made incorrectly, then yes, it can smell because of bacteria growth and rotting. But if everything was made properly, the jewelry will last for years to come.

Can I Wear Breast Milk Jewellery While Bathing?

No, it’s better to avoid wearing your breast milk jewelry when bathing since the stone can lose its shine due to lime buildup, calcium, and soap scum.

How to Polish Breast Milk Jewellery?

Clean your breast milk jewelry with warm water and baby soap, then dry it with a soft cloth. Do not polish it with anything abrasive. Otherwise, you’ll scratch the surface.


The best breast milk jewelry 2023 is a great way to commemorate your status as mom and that special bond you share with your little one. In the end, we hope that our breast milk jewelry reviews and recommendations will help you choose the right keepsake!

Leave a comment if you already have this beautiful thing, tell us what it means for you and how it looks!

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