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Finding The Best Tanning Beds In 2023

Last Updated: 21 March 2023
stand up tanning bed

Getting a tan can make you feel happier and healthier. It is very relaxing and also provides the important vitamin D to your body. However, seeking professional help for the same would be very expensive and time-consuming. But you need not worry because we will tell you about the best stand up tanning beds in the market.

Everyone wants the perfect tan when the summer months arrive. The outdoor tanning might be free but it could be highly inconvenient. Adding to the misery, the pollution, wind, and the unforgiving weather are intolerable. The tanning bed helps you to get the perfect tan indoors, at the comfort of your house.

The best tanning beds in the market can be simultaneously used by many people at the same time. This article will suggest the best tanning bed brands which will help to choose the best tanning beds.

Buyer's guide: the best tanning beds

In the war, spray tan vs tanning bed, the tanning beds seem to have an upper hand. As you can see at home tanning bed reviews,they are not small investments. Therefore, you should know about all the details about what is the best tanning bed. You need to be sure about everything before buying the tanning bed for home.

Best Tanning Beds Brands

During the lots tanning bed review there are several options to choose from when looking for the best tanning beds to buy. The best product recorded to date based on the reviews Solar Storm 110V 24S. The Stand-Up Tanner SunDream closely follows. There are several portable tanning beds available in the market too.

How to choose best tanning beds?

To choose the best tanning beds to use in 2023, you need to keep several things in mind. The tanning beds should be chosen keeping in mind the skin type of the person using it. The best option is to check the maximum number of reviews for all the tanning beds available in the market. The top tanning beds should be durable, cheap, and affordable for the customers.

Position Type

There are primarily two kinds of tanning beds based on their type of position. They are listed below.

horizontal tanning bed
  • Horizontal tanning beds: The horizontal tanning beds use low voltage bulbs of 120W. Therefore, the tanning is a prolonged process in the horizontal tanning beds.
  • Vertical tanning beds: The top-rated tanning beds are vertical. They use bulbs of higher power of 160W. Hence, the process of tanning is much faster in vertical tanning beds.

Number of Bulbs

The number of bulbs for each tanning bed ranges from 12 to 16. They are arranged in a special for the body to get maximum exposure. They are evenly spread for the canopy to the bench. The number of lamps is inversely proportional to the time required for tanning.

Face & Arms Enhancers

The face and the arms enhancers are used to tan the two most difficult areas to tan, the face and the arms. Special pink lights are fitted over the areas where the face and the arms are supposed to be positioned on the sunbed. They emit more amount of UVA which converts the melanin brown. This helps to tan these areas which produce more melanin.


There are several features that one needs to check before buying an indoor tanning bed. Some of the features are mentioned in the table below.

  • Digital timer: The digital timer ensures that the tanning process is done as long as the skin is not harmed and the process is not prolonged.
  • High-quality acrylic shell: The acrylic shell on the tanning beds should be of premium quality as they prevent the bed from getting hot and damaging the skin of the person.
  • Cam-lock adjustable shock: These are the tools that restrict the tanning bed from moving when the person is on it. These are very important to prevent accidents and should be checked thoroughly.

Connection voltage

Three are generally two kinds of tanning beds meant for personal use. The first one is 120V while the second one is 240V. The former requires a voltage of 100V to 120V proper voltage while the latter requires a voltage of 200V to 240V proper voltage. The manufacturers of these top-rated tanning beds mention that they need specialized circuit breakers for them to function properly.

tanning bed vs sun

Extra features

There are extra features such come with the best tanning beds. Several lotions are provided which are required during and after tanning. If you have tattoos, then the best sunscreen for tattoos is also provided. The discussion goggles are also provided which are used during the tanning process.

Best tanning bed types

High-pressure tanning beds

Level 3, 4, 5 and 6 tanning beds have bulbs with a higher pressure. They emit more amount of UVA rays hence heavy amount of team is evident on the skin.

Low-Pressure Beds

Level 1 and Level 2 tanning beds have bulbs with low pressure. The tanning in these is mild as the UVA and UVB days are balanced.

Tanning Booth

Like in the tan bed, nude person stands in a tanning booth and the tan is sprayed on you like water sprinkled by the shower. They are safe but while the tab is sorted one must not open their eyes or mouth.

Best tanning booth FAQ

How to use tanning beds?

Using a tanning bed is rather easy but you must be careful when doing so. First, you need to scrub your skin and get rid of all the dead skins. Then, you need to use the lotion and lay down on the tanning bed but you have to be careful about not lying in the tanning bed longer than you should. It is important to wear goggles while on the nude tanning bed. You must have a gap of two days between the consecutive sessions of tanning or else you might experience side effects of tanning beds.

How to tan safely?

It is very important to tan safely in a healthy tanning bed. You need to scrub your body before going on the tanning bed and make sure that only lotion is between the skin and the bulbs of the tanning bed. You should make sure that your skin does not have any kind of perfume or makeup on their body before going in the tanning bed. Another important thing is that one should check the acrylic sheet on the tanning beds so that they can avoid the sunburn. Also, one must not open their mouth or eyes when on the tanning bed as it might harm those parts of the body. It is very important to wear goggles while on the tanning bed.

how do tanning beds work

How do tanning beds work?

A tanning bed, popularly known as the sunbed replicates the Ultraviolet or the UV rays of the sun. The safe tanning beds emit these tests with UV lamps or bulbs. They increase the melanin production in the skin which occurs when the body is exposed to the sun. They help to give the body a nice golden texture and are very popular among adolescents.

How many times in a week should you tan in a bed?

Generally, it is advised to keep a gap of 24 to 48 hours between two tanning sessions on the tanning bed. You can have two or three tanning sessions till you achieve the perfect tan and then you can maintain it by doing it once in a week or once in two weeks.

Are tanning beds safe?

The tanning beds are not safer than the sun. One must be very careful when tanning with the help of it as the overuse of the same can cause sunburns and lead to damaging of the skin.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2023

Several pieces of research suggest that the tan from the tanning beds can act as a base and protect the skin from further tanning. This will protect the skin from sunburns or other harsh rages from the sun. If you want to go to the beach only to get a sunburn, tanning beds are a much convenient option. The tan achieved on the beach after 4 hours, can be achieved on the beach in 10 minutes. Also, the tanning from the tanning beds is uniform while those directly from the sun might not be that uniform. Tanning beds have proved to be the best among all tanning systems.

The best tanning beds 2023 have better technology and are affordable and user friendly. More insights on this topic can be found on They prove to be beneficial for the whole family and saves them time and money to visit the tanning salons regularly.

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